Helicopter Footage - The Incredible Shrinking Body!!

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Helicopter Footage - The Incredible Shrinking Body!!

Post by rowdyangel on Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:16 pm

I have already posted this on another thread about the '2 helicopters' but I didn't want this to get 'lost' within that thread. I want to make sure that more of you see this as I feel it's another piece of important evidence which supports the hoax theory.

I hope you don't mind me putting this into it's own thread and I'd appreciate any feedback from those who haven't already seen it.

First go to YouTube and play this video, freeze at 24 seconds. Notice the black strap going across the body bag?


Now go to the following video and freeze at 29 seconds. Where is the black strap around the body bag now???


What? You don't see it???????? Hmmmmmmmm. And not only that but the 'body' coming out of the helicopter into the coroner's van seems to have shrunk somewhat during the journey!!!
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Re: Helicopter Footage - The Incredible Shrinking Body!!

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:42 pm

Okey I didnt look at the link yet, but I just rememberd something. Mabye im totally off guard here. But if you have seen the docomentary LWMJ You know that he bought a gold statue, they use in egypt to burry people it. Its the part where Martin bashir (May he burn in hell ) asks Michael if he wanna be burried in one of those and michael goes" No I dont ever wanna be burried, I would like to live forever"

Now to my point. Can that be the thing they carried from the helicopter to the van?? Or is a thing like that to heavy?? I mean, look at the shape of the "body" there, its to weird. Okey mabye im totally off guard here, but I just thought about it.

Any thoguhts?


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