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New Vendetta post here!!

Post by hAZZELY on Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:20 am

I'M POSTING HERE SO YOU CAN ALL SEE! I'M MAKING A REVIEW OF V*VENDETTA .. (Thanks to bibi who told us about the movie)

For example...there's a sequence where "V" takes revenge, and kills that old lady by INJECTION, WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP!! then there is a moment when V talks trough TV and as background he has A THEATRE CURTAIN (LIKE IN CRISS ANGEL FROM KENNY ORTEGA)...Also..there's a phrase V says.."So you've seen nothing.. (yet) .." WTF?? ...ok ..let's go on..."If you see as i see, if you feel as i feel, if you would seek as i seek..then i ask you to stay beside me one year from tonight, outside the big parlament ..and together we should give them a 5th of november that should never be forgotten" ...WHAT DID CASSANDRA SAY? MICHAEL WOULD BE BACK IN ONE YEAR..OK..DK WTF..BUT THIS IS WEIRD!!....ok..more..talking about a man who has been could the police say to the people the way that man died just to hide what really happened? "A quiet dignifying death in the sleep" ...something else...V says his fav. movie is The count of Montecristo ..and the girl who he is with says: "does it have a happy ending?" and well..indeed it had a happy ending.. (Maybe This is it too? AEG said they don't want to reveal the way it ends...but weren't there only rehearsals?...why so much mistery..)..

OMFG!! LISTEN TO THIS!!! remember what i said about the police trying to find a way to tell the people how that man died?? Well...after some minutes... TV spread the news ..and they say: "All the nation is devastaded because of the death of the most popular ..Most awarded star in the history of BTN .a man known as the voice of LONDON!! ..PASSED AWAY LAST NIGHT FROM APARENTLY A HEART FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! " i think...: At first.. what the news told us was the same about MJ ..died because of a heart fail ...
"an extraordinary talent..dedicated his life to country, his believes..." ... LOL...the girl who was with V says..: "she's lying, she blinks alot when she tells a story she knows is not true" ...


There's a sequence in the picture where you can see a boy with that breathing machine or whatever it is ..lIKE MJ IN THAT AMBULANCE PIC... (i don't know if it's relevant...but what a coincidence...)

A lady disappeared time ago..and police investigates about that..till they find something .."SHE CHANGED HER NAME.." ..Didn't MJ use to do that? ..

"June 2ond...5 of november.... 25?" ...Hmm.... 25 june? :/

Also that man very very very similar to the one from MJ's memorial ..with that hat...barbe...glasses...walking stick... WTf... Neverland's statues... That old man says..: "A MAN IN MY POSITION SURVIVES BECAUSE HE TAKES EVERY PRECAUTION" ..."WHAT YOU NEED IS A STORY..." "A STORY CAN BE TRUE OR FALSE" ..POLICE SAYS: CAN YOU PROVE ANY OF THIS? AND THE OLD MAN SAYS..: WHY YOU THINK IM STILL ALIVE?? .................

OK i will finish watching the movie now..and end my review..

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