anyone seen this? rabbi shmuley boteach

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anyone seen this? rabbi shmuley boteach

Post by marsheliamorgan on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:52 pm

Shmuley Boteach is a Crook and an Opportunist!!
Think Again‹Don¹t Buy This Book!

What happened to the infamous charity started in the fall of 2000 by Michael
Jackson and Shmuley Boteach? The 2000 IRS filings for Boteach's Oxford
L'Chaim Society have been made available by, and they tell an
interesting story.
The filing was signed on September. 26, 2001, by Deborah Boteach, Shmuley's
wife. It was received by the IRS on October. 22, 2001, indicating it
includes the money raised by Jackson and Boteach at an event at Carnegie
Hall on February. 14, 2001.

That event, a panel on child welfare that included TV talk show host Chuck
Woolery and Johnnie Cochran, was supposed to be raising money for the
Jackson/Boteach charity. But the subsequent tax filing shows no money was
given to children or any charitable causes at all. What it does show is a
total of $203,185 collected from direct public support. At the same time,
the charity's expenses totaled $259,432. All but $20,000 of that was spent
on staff salaries and office expenses.

Listed on the IRS filing are an organization president, secretary and
treasurer. The latter two, this reporter discovered after making some calls,
are Boteach's sister and mother. The sister, Ateret Diveroli, repeated
exactly what the mother had: "I'm not part of that anymore."

Mrs. Diveroli could not explain what the Oxford L'Chaim Society was supposed
to be doing with their tax-free bundle of money.
From the Heal the World Foundation Web site: What is Heal the Kids? Heal the
Kids is the latest charitable initiative of Michael Jackson. It is dedicated
to promoting nurturing relationships between adults and children, and to
fostering programs that help children gain the love, attention and quality
time they need to prosper and flourish.

Boteach had a good time with the money collected from sympathetic
contributors. He lists $19,028 for "promotional" costs, and another $13,480
on unspecified "outside services."

The main difference between the 1999 filing and this new one is that at
least in the previous instance, Boteach claimed to send money to the real
L¹Chaim Society in Oxford, Cambridge, U.K. Not only are no charitable
donations listed this time, but Boteach also failed even to fill in the line
on the form explaining the purpose of his charity. Boteach does list ten
separate anonymous donations from individuals, with most of them in the
$5,000 range. One, however, was for $100,000.

The Carnegie Hall event was sponsored by the Seminar Center of New York
City, which no longer seems to be in business. Their web site has been
disabled and their phone numbers no longer work.

Last year this column reported that Boteach, who is famous for lecturing
around the world on the subject of "Kosher Sex," had been prohibited from
having his own pulpit in the United Kingdom after the British Charitable
Commission investigated him for fraud. The commission accused Boteach of
using funds for the Oxford L'Chaim Society there for an expensive home. The
L'Chaim Society of Oxford has since changed its name and disassociated
itself with Boteach.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002
By Roger Friedman
FOX News

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8b. Guerilla Warfare
Posted by: "Catherine Coy" cathcoy
Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:41 pm (PDT)

Shmoobobbity¹s mea culpa (kinda):

The comments are interesting, too.

The Huffington Post would be a great place to seed.

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