Nice try Mike…LMAO!

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Nice try Mike…LMAO!

Post by Souza81 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:10 am

Well, let's have a look at our new TMZ article:

Michael Jackson — Security Concerns

Posted Sep 24th 2009 2:30PM by TMZ Staff

The creditor's claims against Michael Jackson … rolling, rolling in.

A security firm has filed legal papers in the probate case, claiming Jackson owed Steven Echols DBA Security Measures $261,169.

The firm is based in Las Vegas. According to the legal docs, the firm supplied 3 guards to Jackson in 2008 24/7 at $25 an hour.

The papers say in September, 2008 Jackson racked $119,000 in security costs. In October the bill was $99,000.

The docs say the firm provided protection for Jackson and his kids.

Now we go to our first bible: GOOGLE.COM
Type: DBA Security Measures
We get this:

Now we go to our second bible: WIKIPEDIA.ORG
Type: DBA Security Measures
We get this:

So conclusion: A DBA security measure is nothing more than
a Data Base Administrator security Measure. Now do you think they
deliver bodyguards? Yes for your website maybe…
And for $ 25,- an hour? LMAO! I worked in security and if I get $
25,- an hour, the company that hires me, will pay at least double,
mostly even triple to the security company. So that's BS too.

A last thing we wanna add, just for fun and I have no clue if it means anything, but it's funny as hell:

Let's go to bible #3: IMDB.COM

Type:Steven Echols
We get this:

There is only 1 movie listed for his guy: Yes Giorgio. Now let's see that:

Nothing interesting at first sight, but look at the User Comments: Another singer makes a movie. Worth seeing one time. more (14 total)

Now ain't that funny?

I'm sorry Mike, but this one was way too easy… try harder next time

Souza & Mo



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Re: Nice try Mike…LMAO!

Post by ballongiraf on Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:15 am

lol! lol!
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