Statement from Joe on 24tha Oct. Sad at last?

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Statement from Joe on 24tha Oct. Sad at last?

Post by Harleyblonde on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:10 pm

Found this statement on the "this is not it" site. They of course think MJ is dead. Seems weird that Joe should make statements like this as a day or two after the death of his Son he was plugging his own music! Too little and too late!

To The Fans and Followers,
"As I stated on the Larry King Show, what happened to my son was foul play, and as the Investigation goes on it seems to be true. I hope fans will stand by the situation with Michael not being here and that foul play is involved.
It's now coming out, Michael was worth more Dead than alive. I'd rather have my son living! Those who have done this should be brought to Justice as soon as possible. Please, fans stick by me as I try to uphold my son's legacy."

Mr. Joseph Jackson
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