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FF News: The Presidential Box--December 2025

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Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News—
is an E I G H T Page FF News Brief Bulletin so the footprints team
suggests that you be nice and relaxed when viewing this bulletin. This
is an Exclusive Interview with South Africa’s golden president and
Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Omar Abdulla. Mr. Omar Abdulla is
president of South Africa since 2023 and his serving his second year in
office after serving on the 447 member South African government as
Minister of Finance. Mr. Omar Abdulla is President of South Africa
based on his overwhelming support from the South African community
clinching 81 percent of the more than 50 million voters in South
Africa. Mr. Omar Abdulla is known as “The Playboy President” earning
this title after dating some of the most gorgeous women in the world.
Mr. Omar Abdulla is known as the World’s Greatest President according
to voters on Today’s Times Magazine.

South Africa the
country occupies S P A C E that of France, Spain, England and Northern
Asia. South Africa is rated the fifth most popular country in the world
after the United States, India, China and Brazil. South Africa is known
as “The Honeymoon Haven” hosting tourists who choose to escape once
they get married. South Africa is rated as one of the most beautiful
countries in the world according to voting polls on FF News.

Africa-The country occupies the Southern Tip of Africa and is bounded
by South West Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and
Swaziland and by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans- West and East. South
Africa entirely surrounds Lesotho and partially surrounds the F O U R
black states of Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei. (Before
their independence)

--Footprints Filmworks Advert--

Country’s history stretches 250 000 years where President of South
Africa Paul Kruger and The Great trek had their tug of war on land and
commercial properties. The country has long been plagued by foreigners
who choose to escape from their daily chores and choose to relax in
South Africa’s warm climate. The Country has long been raising eyebrows
in local communities regarding forced links between Footprints allies
and ANC Nationalists. The Country is rated as a country of national
pride, accelerated growth, ever-growing technology and increasing
national interest.

As the year is 2025 many local
communities are creating havoc as many people choose to have their say
about the country as a whole. A local listener on SABC Radio Richie
Valens said that South Africa should look at growth internally rather
than externally. South Africa which has the first teleport service
which allows listeners from anywhere in the world to show their
interest in the country can dial 911 and can speak to President of
South Africa or whoever’s name they type in the database immediately,
via voice prompts.

Valens asked Abdulla what he thought
about the current Economic Stimulus Plan, currently stating that the
South African economy was overleveraged and that financing from other
countries should be opted out.
The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

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--Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News
responded to Valens statement by saying that South Africa was in a
trade surplus due to the leveraging policy whereby government Reserve
Banks lends money to other Reserve Banks at no interest charge. Abdulla
added by saying that lending the money to other countries was a policy
that created “Friendly Ties” amongst nations, both locally and

When Valens asked Abdulla what this meant
he said that the community of South Africa was in “Friendly Ties” with
second and third world countries to force barter deals and trade deals.

on channel 911 another caller Sakeena Joosub asked Abdulla what he
thought would be the longer term growth of South Africa including
growth in terms of improvement of facilities for correctional services,
improvement of facilities in the Laudium community, improvement of
facilities in the greater Gauteng area and improvement of facilities in
the medical centers.
Abdulla responded to Joosub’s remarks stating
that the current Economic community was in tatters due to the neglect
from the current South African Reserve Bank.

“South Africa
has become a country like Japan. We cannot print more money because the
country does not need money; the country needs support from our
neighbors to sell our assets. The asset value of South Africa is valued
at R700 trillion rand, yet if she shed 10 percent of our asset value we
would generate double the income from our country’s partners. “Abdulla

Abdulla has long been admired by both South
African government nationalists and international allies. He has served
on the United Nations Board as Executive Director and served his five
years required to study at the footprints university. As South
African’s once the student has passed their 12 grade examination, it is
compulsory for them to study at any of the 9600 footprints universities
in South Africa.
Although Mr. Omar Abdulla is serving his second
year in office as President of South Africa, he is challenged by a
group of Muslim Businessmen aiming at sabotaging his term in office and
his businesses. At a failed assassination attempt on Inauguration day
October 25 2023 Abdulla escaped unharmed and was rushed to a nearby
hospital where he lived with Allah’s Grace.

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in office he is constantly challenged by Bantu and Shona rebels aiming
at forcing him to make decisions that he would normally never approve

At a recent rally in Church Street thousands of protestors
took to the streets to the offices of the presidency claiming that
Members of Parliament were “Eating more than Sharing.” What this term
meant in South African Parliament was that the law was not playing its
tune to country citizens. According to South African Law citizens who
do not earn an income for three years will be banished to neighboring
The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.comPage 3

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--Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News--
of South Africa Omar Abdulla said that the “Eating more than Sharing”
was a law just newly introduced that aimed at keeping South Africans
“At Home, and At Peace.” According to the “Eating more than Sharing”
law South Africans would need to live with a minimum of four people per
household. Newly-wed couples, homeless people, nomads, and orphans will
be taken in what is called the “The House of Cards.”
“The House of
Cards” is the first of its kind ever created in South Africa and is
financed by The Old Mutual Group of Companies, South African Airways,
Pick and Pay and Footprints Filmworks. “The House of Cards” is a
development organization that aims at creating leadership for inspiring
Managing Directors, Business personnel, previously disadvantaged South
African’s and people who choose to learn from the grapevine. For those
persons who pose no income they can join the “The House of Cards” which
is a weekly payout of R5000.00 per week to the individual seeking a
job. The department that the employee works for instructs the employee
the chores that he or she should adhere to.

Current Managing
Director of “The House of Cards” Zakkiyyah Adamjee said that throughout
South Africa the “The House of Cards” was working well with South
African citizens. We have more than 50 000 people who have joined us in
the last year and it’s improving day by day.
“The House of Cards” is
in no competition with a similar concept of the footprints university
Adamjee added. The footprints university is a free five year university
to all South Africans, whilst “The House of Cards” employs those
graduates who choose to enhance their skills further. Adamjee continued
by saying that the R50 billion rand initiative was co-sponsored by the
government through tax incentives and interest bearing accounts.

South African community which has 10 million homes with 80 percent of
them leveraged through any of the big F O U R banks has been
experiencing down faults due to local council municipalities not
keeping up to their deal.

The country employs more than
35 million people in sectors of financing, services, manufacturing and
developing, technology synopsis, mining and agriculture, youth
education and training, military programs, and many other sectors
encapsulating a net growth of 25 percent on GDP per annum.

seven hundred and eighty six sectors of the job sector of South Africa
is led by Minister of Interrelationships Jacob Pheledi who has held
this title since 2020. Pheledi(58) said that the Job sector of South
Africa was in “Safe Hands” and that job hunting among South Africans
was easy as the amount of employment agencies had increased by 12
percent since 2020.

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find a job that pays well is easy to find in South Africa. The problem
lies with employees who choose to change their jobs every five years.
This makes it difficult for the South African Interrelation community
as jobs are quickly shuffled around to improve service delivery and
efficiency.” Pheledi said.
The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

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--Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News—
Exclusive Interview held with me and President of South Africa Omar
Abdulla was to be held at the Union Building’s on November 11 2025. I
was told to meet him at 8:00 am at the Union Buildings National
Gardens. My name is Jessica Knowles and this is my story with meeting
with one of the most admired leaders of our time.

When I
met with Abdulla at 8:00 am, one of his wives accompanied him for a
morning jog and breakfast at the Tuscan Union Buildings. Initially,
Abdulla laughed at the questions I posed to him, telling me that I
should put my pen and paper away, and that I should join them on their
daily morning jog. I was a bit surprised a President who led an economy
of R700 trillion rand could be so funky and accommodating.
answered a question I posed to him earlier about the South African
Crime rate, stating that crime had become something of the past for
South Africans. Abdulla said that the South African crime rate had
dropped by more than 60 percent in the last ten years, due to the
improvement of facilities for policemen and the correct method of
“Household Hands”

“Household Hands” was a campaign
invented by Minister of Safety and Defense Yusuf Smith that aimed at
keeping criminals on guard. The “Household Hands” was an initiative
that joined murderers, killers, money launderers and policemen to fight
crime. According to the eight grade of criminals that prowl South
African streets and prisons all grades from 3-8 were to be killed
execution style or hanged. This law adapted from the Arabian community
is similar to the death penalty; the only difference is that criminals
are graded upon the crimes they commit. All 0-2 grade crimes and
criminals were to be set free from prison and free to go home, to start

Abdulla said that the “Household Hands” law took
some time for government officials to pass, but in the long run it has
paid off. In 2010 every three minutes two crimes had been committed in
South Africa, today we have an average of 15 crimes per day, which is a
major drop from 2010.

Although, Abdulla, myself and his wife
had been jogging for 30 min, we stopped for 10 min to have a glass of
water, whereby he said, Jessica what I’m about to tell you might change
your life.
And I said, what is it that you have to tell me that can change my life, Mr. President.
remember he came close to me and said, I was never this close to my
dreams and goals. There was a stage in my life where my family,
personal friends, The South African government and even my own
Ministers sabotaged and protested against me.

When I
asked Abdulla what this meant he said that when he became President of
South Africa in 2023, a group of angry protesters took 500 000 copies
of his bestselling memoir “My father, the president” and burnt it in
Soweto, Secunda, Laudium and Lenasia. This motivated me that the world
and the people who occupy the space they live in, don’t keep up to
their words.

The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
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--Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News—
added by saying that the community of South Africa does not appreciate
the work that he and his 447 member Parliament does.

government and people have become selfish when it comes to our country.
What happened to the days where we had patriots and strong hearted men
who walked our streets? When Madiba died in 2010, the country found
itself anew in terms of globalization and commitment to our citizens”
Abdulla said.
Although Abdulla has been President of South Africa
for only two years, his greatest success was achieving the treasured
goal of listing his blueprint company Footprints Filmworks on all major
stock exchanges in the world. As a local tabloid paper read:

“A millionaire at 21, A billionaire at 30, A Superstar Celebrity, at 35, A President of a country, at 40”

the morning jog, Abdulla asked to have lunch at the Union Building’s
Hotel. He told me that he was going to buy a few Cuban Cigars and
continue discussions on the South African community and its leaders.
the Hotel Café at around 11: 25am a flying helicopter F-18 comes to
pick us up as Mr. Abdulla has a meeting in Cape Town with the Minister
of Transport and Aviation Mandy White. I was asked to join him for the
day as I am busy producing a documentary on his life. His wives who are
sisters were asked to join him on the trip.

--Todays Times Advert0--

I was surprised that Mr. Abdulla had two wives who lived and travelled with him.
we arrived in the country’s Capital, Western Cape, I was greeted by
Mandy White who said that all harbors, flights, tube train stations and
air tubes in the country had been stalled as the power shortage from
generators were too busy. According to White the country’s power
generators had caused the power shortage. South Africa which is one of
the highest producers of natural power was currently experiencing
“Sunbeam Radiation and Radioactivity.”

Radiation and Radioactivity” was a natural element in the sky that
caused all power to cut off. According to the myth this technology was
invented by “The Illumanti”. The “Sunbeam Radiation and Radioactivity”
technology was eco-friendly and causes the earth to require Maximum
Potential. What this meant is that when the Sun, Earth, Moon and
Jupiter were parallel to each other, “Sunbeam Radiation and
Radioactivity” takes over. According to “The illumanti” when all these
elements are parallel to each other, all ozone cleansing takes place.
This meant that although the country might be out of power for a day,
all skin diseases and natural diseases including Cancers, HIV Positive
patients, mentally instable people, and ordinary patients would be

This was a legend that I read about in South African
history and perhaps today was the day that I would find out what is:
“Sunbeam Radiation and Radioactivity”

The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

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Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News--

“Jessica, I need to make an urgent call” Abdulla called out.
was a bit surprised Mr. President of South Africa wanted to make a call
at this time when the city was out of power. After about half an hour,
he returned and said:
“Sorry, I cannot use my mobile; I had to place a bet.”
“A bet, about what?” I asked.

“If I’m right I can double the Country’s reserve in this day.” Abdulla said.
did not know what this meant, or what sought of code this was, but I
could see that the power shortage in the country had caused him to
become frail and bleak.

I am a journalist for a local
newspaper, and at this time I felt like calling my boss and telling him
that I was stuck with the President of South Africa for the entire day.
I was so excited to get to know the Man behind the mask of the media.

--Footprints in South Africa Advert--

was already 2: pm and still the power in the country was off, and I
could see that Abdulla was nervous about something. His twin wives had
gotten lost in the Minister of Transport offices Goggling reasons why
and when the power could come back on. I remember, Abdulla called out
my name and said:
Jessica, you wanted that interview, come and chat to me.

had a whole list of questions prepared but it seemed that all my
questions and notes meant nothing because today I could actually speak
to him, and get to know what picks on the mind of the most powerful man
in the world.

I told Abdulla that I did not have any
notebooks to take down notes, but that I had the questions in my mind.
I asked him, what motivated him to be the President of one of the
Wealthiest countries in the world.
At first, he laughed and smiled
and said that he was constantly challenged by his mentors and old
pioneers to follow in their footprints. I remember, he came close to me
and said:
“I have been around long enough to be fooled, but I always get fooled by good hearts.”
this meant I did not understand, but I could see the honesty in his
face and personality. He seemed relaxed that the entire South African
community was in his hands, and all that he could do was remember the
days when he schooled in Laudium.

The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
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Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News--

am a community leader at heart, perhaps I was lucky with what God has
blessed me, Perhaps I have been cursed, but what I do know, is that my
dreams always become a reality.” Abdulla Says.
At this time an international call came in on my mobile, and a strange voice asked for Omar.
“May I speak to your superior” the strange voice asked.
immediately handed the mobile device to Omar, who said that he would
like some privacy and chat to the man in the strange voice.

returned my mobile device and said that the power in the country will
be back in 30 min, and that if he was correct the stock markets would
rocket on the news about the power generators back in progress and that
medical pharmaceutical company shares will drop as soon as the power
comes back on.
When I asked him why the pharmaceutical company
shares will drop on the news of the power, Abdulla said that “Sunbeam
Radiation and Radioactivity” took place on January 25 2012 and within
minutes small investors on the JSE, CAC, FTSE and FFF became overnight

I remember on that day, I short 1 billion
future contracts on Pfizer shares and I made 10 billion dollars of my
own money. According to Abdulla the legend of “The Illumanti” having
inside ties with when and why markets react in the way that they do.

did not understand this mumbo jumbo share talk, so I said, Mr.
President, we have 30 min more before the power comes back, can we
perhaps continue with the interview as planned.
I asked Abdulla what his opinion was on the current Peace Treaty being signed between the eight nations General Assembly.

answered my question by saying that the medical and technology
investment community of the global economy were experiencing major
overflow and that the medical and technology fields were the shares
that increased in value the most since 2008. Abdulla added by saying
that precious metals and raw materials had dropped by almost seventy
percent in value since 2008. Abdulla continued by saying that the Peace
Treaty was being signed by South Africa, United States, France,
Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, and U.S.S.R . Abdulla said that
the treaty agreement would aim at fixing Forex currencies, Precious
Metals, Blue-chip companies and repo rates pricing to squeeze inflation.

said the investment community in countries was slowly improving as
investors were starting to deepen their investment portfolio and risk
appetite to outrun bank returns. According to Abdulla the local stock
exchanges in the world had four times increased in value, over the five
year period. He elaborated the importance of Bankers and Financiers to
beware of getting stopped out off market trends.
This was friendly
advice for me, as I always watch Abdulla on CNBC talking about market
trends. I remember on 29 December 2024, how markets went bullish on a
Monetary Policy meeting.

--The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
Page 8

--Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2025—FF News--
we arrived on the F-18 back at the Union Buildings, Abdulla said that
he would like some time with his family and that I should take a walk
and views the 1105 Hectare Union Buildings. He said that he would like
to use my mobile as he had to make a call to the man in the strange
Abdulla(40) who has currently four children is reported to
have been said that he plans to have as many children as possible. In a
recent report in New York Times, he was quoted as saying that the next
ten years will bring another four children to our footprints team.
“Thank you, for your time Jessica” he said.

handed me a shoebox and said that I should send him a proof of the
advert in 50 newspapers before I print it. I was a bit surprised that a
President advertisers in newspapers.
Before, I left his home, I turned back and said:
President, I believe that you are a Ferrari Fan and I have heard rumors
about you purchasing Ferrari Cars in the past decade or so.

--Footprints Filmworks Travel Tours Advert--

have always had dreams in my life Jessica. When I was 25, I had a
picture of a Ferrari in my room, and perhaps I collect Ferrari’s these
days, to remember my childhood dreams and passions.”
May I see your Ferrari Cars I asked him?
said that it was a long walk to the Buildings Garage, but if she opened
the shoebox, she would make the walk easier for both of them.

So, I opened the shoebox, and guess what???

A One million rand note and the keys to a new Ferrari F430 Scuderia

--The Presidential Box—December 2025—http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
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