Art Imitating Life? Cool comparisons between MJ and an old TV show :D

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Art Imitating Life? Cool comparisons between MJ and an old TV show :D

Post by Stranger In Chi-town on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:57 pm

Have you ever heard of the retro 80's kids series called:
Jem and the Holograms?

Well, since I've watched the show on Youtube (found out about the show a few years back) I have found it fun and action-packed. But lately I've been noticing that there are some similarities between the show itself, the main character Jerrica Benton/Jem and Michael, himself.


  • Even though Neverland Ranch was started in '88, a few years after Jem came on TV, Jerrica Benton a.k.a. Jem started the Starlight Foundation, with her sister and fellow Hologram, Kimber and the other Holograms, and they also started Starlight House, a home for foster children, in a mansion that includes a game room.

  • Michael started Neverland Ranch in '88 and it ran for up to 15 years, serving underprivileged and/or sick children.

  • Jerrica Benton, the idea behind Jem (her secret alter ego identity), is an 18-year-old businesswoman who takes charge and owns part of Starlight Music, a company she inherited from her late father. Constantly, with the help of her sister and friends, and manager, they work together to make sure that Eric Raymond, the manager of the Misfits group, doesn't steal the record company from under them.

  • Michael Jackson, of course, is a multi-faceted, multi-talented, record company owner in his own right. The Michael Jackson Company (formerly MJJ Productions) is owned by Michael, himself.

  • Jerrica/Jem, has a kind heart and is willing to help her friends, the "Starlight Girls" (the name of the foster girls at the house), her sister and anyone else. She does not like strife. It's evident in her music.

  • We all know that Michael also has a kind heart and doesn't judge others. You hear it in HIS music too.

And lastly, Jem, being a fantasy-type fiction show that uses the concept of holograms, is Truly Outrageous and has a magical side to it!!!

While MJ, is a magician in his own right!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Wink
Stranger In Chi-town
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Re: Art Imitating Life? Cool comparisons between MJ and an old TV show :D

Post by juliet on Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:50 pm

STRANGERINCHI-TOWN, thanks for this. This is fantastic. Your parallelism is very well taken.

Great and thanks again for your wonderful work.
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