My mixed feelings. This is it. Talking to people. Need for advice.

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My mixed feelings. This is it. Talking to people. Need for advice.

Post by Donna Anna on Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:35 am

Hello, dear friends! How are u this day? Hope good.. I'm so upset today.. U know I went to This is it with my father. I was so happy and he told wonderfull words about Michael. I can talk about Michael with my parents although they are not such fans as I am.. but today two girls from my group came and they also watched the film but a little bit later. Again good words.. I am in normal relations with them but we are not friends, nothing connects us. I wanted to say. But it seems they did not want to listen to.. And u know I can't talk about Michael with those people who are not my true friends as my heart begins to beat fast. I can speak about him with my friend, who is not Michael's fan but who is so kind and always listens to me, with all of u because I am sure u are always eager to help as I am eager to u.. I just don't know what to do.. And I feel so sad cause I miss him so much.. It seemed I am used to it.. But now I cannot again.. I worry.. But maybe it is not so important for them to know that I am Michael's fan? U know I only want to keep him in my heart. Just this way.. My voice begins to shiver when I talk about him almost if the discussion is between people who are not close to me and I almost cried when these girls talked.. What is it with me? Maybe someone feels the same?
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