Im sorry if im not suppose to think this. :(

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Im sorry if im not suppose to think this. :(

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:17 pm

Ive had enough, I cant do this anymore.

The pain is to much for me to handle, im starting to loose faith.

Would Michael really do this to the world?? Would he do this to the fans??
He could NEVER hurt anybody. Blanket cryed at the memoriel. Sad Sad Sad

The only reason I can see him do this, is because he was in danger, but why?? Who would hurt an Angel?

Somedays Im totally positive that he IS alive, and somedays like today, Im loosing faith. I saw a documentary on Danish television, about Michael, someone was trying to find our what happent to him. Every singel person they talked too, told them Mike was on drugs, exept from AEG. The also talked about that Michael did NOT wanna do 50 shows, and how he said that it would kill him.

There was no way out of these shows for Michael. He was in debt, he had to do something. I cryed my heart out Sad Sad Sad

You know, if he hoaxed this, many peoples jobs are on the line here. Would they be villing to do that?

Im sorry, I want to believe he is alive, and something tells me he is. But im confused.

Im so sorry, I dont wanna make anybody upset Sad


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Re: Im sorry if im not suppose to think this. :(

Post by Smelly on Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:29 pm

I found you a poem, hope it helps I love you I love you

Life is how you want it to be
Open your eyes, and you will see
No matter what, you can have fun
And always remember, when it's done
The memories of what has been
The mistakes, so you won't make them again
The good times, but the not-so-good times too
Because these memories will see you through.

Never forget friends who've come and gone
Sing life's praises as a beautiful song
Loving and being loved are the greatest gifts
Close your heart, and these you'll miss
Life is how you want it to be
Open your eyes, and this you'll see...

Just one note: NEVER GIVE UP!

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