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WHY Jermaine and Latoya of all the siblings?

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WHY Jermaine and Latoya of all the siblings? Empty WHY Jermaine and Latoya of all the siblings?

Post by Red Velvet on Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:49 am

Sorry if this is posted somewhere, I'm new here ...

Jermaine and Latoya have publicly persecuted MJ in the past and in no small way. LaToya and her lies on her brother knowing full well he was no child molestor (I know it wasn't her fault but I don't agree with that) and Jermaine with his "song" berrating his brother. Surely he knew MJ had vitiligo but yet he made "Word to the Bad" insinuating MJ was denying his "blackness" and now that has all been decades ago and life goes on. So they all kissed and made up so maybe that's why, but I don't think so because its too convenient, too easy and still really makes no sense. Not because they did that to him in the past, but because NO siblings should have been in the positions they have been in period - public - talk shows, more tributes, I Tunes ... its all too "convenient" somehow.

And then, the more stable and "sober-minded" of the siblings (Marlon and Tito) have only talked to tabloids!

I feel this is a strong clue of some kind that shouldn't be ignored.

I can't think of what it could mean though Shocked but my gut tells me it means something.... like maybeeee

Maybe its simply just that! A clue! Like as if to say that if this were real the roles would be reversed! The more stable siblings would be doing very rare, somber, serious interviews, perhaps only in print, due to the emotional and private nature of things - if this were real. Even though Jermaine was very vocal during the trial, his interviews were very short, and he was using some common sense in the things he had to say, unlike when he was talking endlessly about Michael being buried at Neverland. I know lots of fans believe it was to forge a deal with Barak to do a kind of "Graceland" thing, but now would not be the time to be talking about something like that for that reason.

Even Graceland didn't become "GRACELAND" within a couple/few short weeks after Elvis died did it?

The use of the least stable siblings could be a ploy, maybe somewhat similiar to how (and please fans, I don't want to get off topic just by mentioning this!!) in MJ's "business arrangement/marraiges" how he'd done certain things a certain way as if to make a very subtle, almost unnoticeable "statement" like an unspoken "disclaimer" each time with both wives even as he sang no songs dedicating his love to either one of them...no dedications on his albums, "to my dear wife ..." - nothing. (I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong alien )

Like how he wore his "wedding ring" on his RIGHT hand when it is not his culture nor tradition to do that, and how none of his family was present at either wedding even though he is very much a family-oriented man, and he didn't get married in his own jurisdiction ... both times it was in a remote place, and in the first marraige used a "foreign" motif (Japanese) - - ALL as if to seem to say, "this isn't "really real"

Maybe that's why the two siblings that are the least likely to be taken seriously were chosen to negotiate the publicity as they have. Because it isn't really real, get it? Surprised

Another thing, speaking of Jermaine, this was the first memorial I have ever seen where someone that close to the deceased was allowed/desired .....to SING! Especially in front of millions of people. The pressure would be too unpredictable. Even if they did want to do it, a mature, experienced family member would talk them out of it.

Most family members who have a history of being that close are usually completely unable to utter a phrase in song, and especially make it all the way through without breaking down.

Even though Jermaine is a trained and experienced professional, it was one of the dearest brothers to him - long history - close history - he wanted to be "like Mike" - he told Larry King he wished it was him laying there instead of Michael and yet this man can SING! at his little brother's funeral.

I think its because MJ wasn't and isn't anywhere near being anything like dead! I think the whole Jermaine/Latoya thing is another form of "decoy" of sorts.
Does it not make sense in an MJ sort of way? santa like Christmas in Summertime? Laughing
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