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Post by MJJ Love on Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:08 pm

SusiJ wrote:@ Lavander - I have my reasons for why danger may occur and I cannot tell you everything but, the danger from the media who he has fooled for so long since Jun 25. Imagine if I was able to upload proof - what a field day the media would have and they would have got the credit for exposing him and not me. Of course the media are not dangerous as such but more are involved in this situation and of course would not like me to expose MJ also, which is why I am being deleted on accounts where I try to show proof. I suspect my brother and others will be somehow getting involved and tracking my computer. So I would not be lying to say I am being monitored. so yes I could be exposing myself also to danger. This is complex. I think I have said enough, now.

@CantStopLovingU - No I did not see MJ in front of many others, yes I was on vacation a small vacation.

I saw Michael recently I think it was 18 Oct. possibly (I have forgot the actual date) but I definitely saw him in LA. I don't really want to say what part. I was with my sister and brother when I saw him in a small neighborhood he was with 2 men - like I said on previous twitter account my brother actually is well informed on Michael's "death" and knows Michael but, he does not want to say anything of course, so I was like the annoying little sister trying to get this out to everyone what a big mistake. I understand how everyone got confused and thought I was lying: but I am any other person to MJ but he knows my brother who obviously tells me things (so the inside info would come from there) which he regrets now obviously and I have seen Michael with my brother who thought I would keep my mouth closed. I realize how much inconvenience I've caused by blurting this out and not being able to show proof. But this is quite dangerous as I have just realized. My own brother doesn't trust me anymore. So it's okay if you don't believe me. I think I've been through enough already.

Publicly saying MJ is alive in my opinion would be me on TV claiming this. Many say he is alive on the internet are they being public? I think not. He wasn't out and about trust me. He would have been disguised if he was out normally. But I don't know for sure, he may change his mind.

I'm not in this for the money/fame/attention whatever. Plain and simple.

I hope this was sufficient enough for you all.

@MJJ Love - I don't say he is in danger/ I say he could be in danger. Why should you trust the family and friends when they claim he is dead but there are so many things which say he is not dead? You have to trust one or the other. I don't ask to be trusted that is your own decision.

I was asked to join this site as someone invited me to join from twitter. Saying there were people who believed me on here and I had an "audience" - something which I did not like. What lies she told.

Ok you may think he is in danger but he isn't, not at the moment anyway. I could keep it on the "LOW LOW" but no one trusts me on here anyway so it's safe enough to just say it, although I being monitored by others, I can say this much.

Thanks for responding.

I'm curious, but why would you not like an audience? You do know there are 1,000's upon 1,000's who believe Michael may be alive? So, therefore if you seem credible, you may initially get an AUDIENCE interested in what you're saying. That's just how the internet works!

So whenever someone may come along with some kind of proof, thye are going to tune in to decipher whether they should believe this person so they may do research on the info provided in order to either say its a go or keep it moving. I hope you can understand why people are so testy in regards ot random people popping up with all this "proof". I hope you're not taking me as attacking you becuase I'm not. Just merely stating...

I'm concerned you have your pic up. If you're being monitored, you may want to remove your pic off of your twiiter account.
I'd be worried someone would try to actually locate me if I claimed to really have concerete evidence.
Just be careful young one.


Have a good evening.
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