Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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Post by maria-c on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:09 pm

This Is It Icon_santa This Is It-sick or drugged, and again the number 7
So I saw him sick or drugged, was thin but not sick, maybe that was the image he wanted to project, that of a sick man.
I think that MJ not tape-worm intentions of doing 50 concerts in London, his lens was the movie, you prop for that London only, MJ is an artist who can appear in any scene of the world, it he has fans everywhere. As he said in the movie, it he was " cooking to slow fire " all that. If up to singing in Spanish that beauty, excellent pronunciation, for someone who takes this quantity of medicines all lod days, recordo very well the letter (or sera that Michael speaks Spanish).
For that to record a few simple essays in high definition, though Kenny Ortega said as soon as MJ was recording all his essays, I do not believe that it towards in high definition.
In order that the changes of wardrobe?
For that he sings live?
Into that I change them into the wardrobe if they were alone essays?
For that to spend so much in essays if the live concerts are had?
The movie is for us, his fans, is not for the whole world, for which the fans we are the only ones that we are thinking about all this snarl.
Messages or tracks: " In what there was going on to the history as the major manifestation of freedom in this country " The plot of the movie "Gilda" of 1946 Thiller, dead men that return to the life, dead men living Earth Song, only 4 years stay to save the planet, MJ has fought for the planet.
The 777, CD Bad: I number 7 Man in the mirrow, CD Thriller 25 years, number 7 Human Nature, CD Dangerouse I number 7 Heal The World.
The absence of the dates, 1958-2009 This interpretation, we Have damaged the planet for our human nature, but if we change the man behind the mirror we can save to the world.
I am going to place a video: in the minute 1:01 7 are observed in the floor, not if this already has been discussed
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