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PAN Mission

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PAN Mission Empty PAN Mission

Post by StenniZ on Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:21 am

Hi all,

I have no idea if the following message came from the real/original JCC or some poser, but IMO it’s too interesting (and fun to read) to ignore, so here it goes. (FYI: credits for this theory go to Fedora-members: sunshine, sunnyscrapper and housewife: all three are members @ www.michaeljackson.hoax.fedora.com. All credits go to them off course. I thought their thoughts are very interesting (and again...fun to read), so I wanted to share them with everyone over here. Whether or not it’s the original JCC, posting the message, it’s good food for thought IMO, so here it goes….enjoy!

Jokecalmschina (JCC) (06th September 2009 05:30A.M.):

Posidonius Jackson high in the sky.

http://www.lunarrepublic.com/mj/index.shtml (July 6th)

The next rocket launch is 8 sept (or 17 sept, bit confusing). From Cape Canaveral (in Florida, possibly could have something to do with palm tree?)

The name of the Rocket is Atlas V PAN. (notice how pan is there)

According to wiki, this rocket has had 6 successful launches, the next will be 7. The launch before that was 18th June, and its mission is to lunar explore. Plus Its the 1st time the centaur stage will impact on the moon (at the end of its mission, 4 months from June) late October by the looks.

The planned launch leaving on 8 Sept. called PAN, is the only one to have UNKNOWN under its function & orbit. (could be something)



Also, it says Go Atlas V! Go Centaur! Go PAN!

Atlas V, seems to be making its 7th successful launch?
Centaur = Greek mythology (half man, half horse) posidonius, Greek philosopher
PAN = obvious.


They are calling it Mission PAN

I have also found out that on the NASA space flight forum, members are boggled as to what the PAN flight is. (It stands for Palladium at night) but they don’t believe that that’s where it ends. You HAVE to read it. This is a lot of info but well worth looking at. The PAN launch is extremely secretive .

The PAN flight is going to have a webcast you can watch, which is unusual as they aren’t usually broadcast. Members are finding this strange.
This mission has also been in the works for several years. Falcon 9 was 1st booked for $40 million, but then switched it to Atlas V when it became available, as it has a near guarantee of mission success. for $120 million. Where Falcon 9 was risky. Members are also wondering what PAN really stands for. Its driving them CRAZY. Who is paying this much?
On the 7 theme. It is the 7th Atlas, on its 7th mission.
It has been 4 years since the Spacex announced the falcon 9 with Unnamed US government customer. They will not say who their customer is. (strange)

Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor.
PAN also only appeared on the schedule a few months before its scheduled launch date. No one knows anything about it.
It was originally due to launch on July 17th (7 again) This is the most ambitious mission launched to date. These are the links for it:


Secretive PAN mission:

Everything else has info about their launches except PAN:


NOW, this link is directly taking you to the 7 stars. (and possibly the palm tree if you look at it upside down?)
However, there is a question mark under the rocket on the badge, which is kinda cool.

eBay item 270438871818

There is much, much more, but I will need to keep looking. I don’t even care much for NASA or space stuff, but if you want to look at what may possibly happen, this is good. I can feel there is something else just sticking out too, but not sure what yet.

The next manned mission to the Moon is planned for 2020, so MJ won’t be taking off to Moonwalk on the Moon, if you ask me. Wink

You had the seven stars on the badge. Love the question mark at the bottom of the patch too...refers to the unknown nature of the mission and payload.
PAN Mission Panpatch735117

Now the palm tree:
The palm tree was the sacred sign of Apollo - Greek god of light and sun

Light = truth (remember all those lovely JCC clues talking about illumination and the truth). So the palm tree is the light and truth. The seven stars are to represent the number of launches I am guessing.

Palladium at Night (which is the name of the mission which is shortened to PAN) = a metal but also refers to a statue or image in Greek or Roman mythology.

The payload is supposed to be a communications satellite but as you said, part of it will split off and is going to land on the moon (the Centaur bit) and very unusually it has been set up for a webcast (WEBCAST??)

My guess - there is either a dummy/statue/animatronics-device in that shared payload and something is going to appear on the moon and that something will be broadcast to the world.
the webcast will be capturing the real surface of the moon whilst the rest will be computer generated elsewhere.

Either way that will be in the words of JCC anagram 'a very stratospheric illusion'.
Oh yes and PAN (apart from being the bloke with legs of a goat) is also the Greek god of theatrical criticism....whatever that means.

The rocket that is dropping its centaur on the moon left on June 18th.
One probe will orbit the moon and provide a 3-D relief map of the lunar surface. The other satellite will drop its spent upper-stage rocket into a shadowed crater at the moon's south pole. This satellite will measure the matter that's kicked up, send the data to Earth http://newshopper.sulekha.com/topic/slideshow/moon-rocket/858230.htm

Jokecalmschina (JCC): 7 stars and a palm tree.

The seven stars relate to the Confederate First National Flag with 7 star crescent pattern
captured at the fall of New Orleans. Seven related to the number of Southern States seceded at the time and New Orleans was known as the 'Crescent City'.

The palm tree is from the South Carolina State Flag, which has a crescent moon and a palmetto tree representing the defense of Fort Moultrie against the British in 1776.
Its all about Civil Rights, just like the Dr Murray's fake patient list. You have rights under the constitution and you should use them....Michael's favorite message = FREEDOM.
PAN Mission Palmtreecrescentmoon

United Launch Alliance Atlas V Successfully Launches PAN Satellite
Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., (Sept. 8, 2009) – A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, on behalf of the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, successfully launched the PAN satellite at 5:35 p.m. EDT, today from Space Launch Complex- 41 as a commercial launch service. This launch marks the 10th overall mission for ULA in 2009 and the third Atlas V mission of the year.
“ULA is proud to have played a critical role in the success of this important mission,” said Mark Wilkins, ULA vice president of Atlas programs. “Close teamwork with Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force’s 45th Space Wing at Cape Canaveral made today’s launch possible.”

This mission was launched aboard an Atlas V 401 configuration and used a single common core booster powered by the RD-180 engine and a single engine Centaur upper stage. The launch portion of the mission was completed with spacecraft separation approximately two hours after launch.
ULA's next launch, currently scheduled for no earlier than Sept. 18, is the STSS Demo satellite for the United States Missile Defense Agency aboard a Delta II rocket from Space Launch Complex-17B here.

This theory has me intrigued (even if MJ has nothing to do with it, still interesting)
I put these 3 pics together (prob nothing, but who knows)

PAN Mission Allthree

Below are some comments from the site:

This has uses for all services, as would novel cameras and imaging kit, and a Palladium - Theatre - reference would fit that as well, as a place where this stuff gets a performance.
Keep in mind that a Palladium can also be a stage theater (as in the famous London Palladium):
The reference to a theater might also be a hint. But I would not read very much into the Palladium At Night term, although it has some meaning. It is not going to give away the spacecraft mission. (wasn’t theatre a JCC clue?)

PAN will start openly broadcasting the content of the server on easily received public wavelengths, possibly replacing other communication by brute force.

But now something odd has happened that has satellite observers scratching their heads: the Air Force has announced the upcoming launch of a classified satellite from Cape Canaveral, but no government agency, certainly not the NRO, has claimed ownership. Its mission remains mysterious, as do other aspects of its existence. It was supposed to launch on August 12, but that date has now slipped to September 8. (interesting no-one has claimed ownership)

But all of this raises a question: why draw more attention to this launch by not simply slapping it with an NROL designation? There must be a reason that the NRO is not claiming ownership, and the most likely reason is because the satellite belongs to a different government agency, such as DARPA or the Air Force. But that too raises a question of why they don’t simply acknowledge that it is theirs. The situation is not only confusing, it’s bizarre.

1. A safeguard, especially one viewed as a guarantee of the integrity of social institutions: the Bill of Rights, palladium of American civil liberties.
2. A sacred object that was believed to have the power to preserve a city or state possessing it.

This is one mysterious bird.


The rocket's payload is so highly classified that no federal agency is laying claim to ownership. Not the National Reconnaissance Office. Not the Department of Defense.
Not the U.S. Air Force. Or DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The payload is known by the acronym PAN. Supposedly that stands for "Pick A Name."
PAN Mission Pansticker070709proof76

A mission sticker (above) offers little insight. It shows a smiling frog riding a rocket (at the bottom of the image/poster), waving a cowboy hat with planet Earth in the background. A slogan beneath the rocket says: "The Simplest Of Programs." Its nosecone is inscribed: "P360/PAN." It lacks a lot of the detail ULA normally provides in documents for other launches but does include a mission events summary that shows the super-secret spacecraft will be deployed just under two hours into flight, which suggests a mission to geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above Earth. That's the realm of communications and data relay spacecraft.

ABOUT THE IMAGES (referring to the above link): Click to enlarge the mission sticker (top) and you can barely see the little cartoon of the frog riding the rocket at the bottom of the image. The Palladium At Night patch will not enlarge, but note the interesting question mark hidden in the plume trailing the rocket. The spooks have outdone themselves this time.

Oh and just another thought. The Pan 360 - Pan could be taken to mean Worldwide as in Pandemic and the 360 refer to 360 degrees which would be right the way around...so All around the World (just like this satellite is going to probably do...broadcast all around the world simultaneously and be orbiting the earth).

The frog with the cowboy hat may signify an alliance between France and the US (sorry to any French people)

Hey! yeah, the actual story is fascinating You could be right about the frog. That had me stumped. Couldn’t relate it to anything ( except maybe MJ’s fedora hat, hahaha ) people are blown away that it will be going so close to the moon.

Another thing that had crossed my mind ( not really knowing much about it at all ) is the concert, it will be shown to millions of fans around the world, and the satellite could have something to do with that? 360. (probably going way off track now, lol)

But I did find it interesting that the "moonwalker" picture, " a movie like no other" & the " this is it" poster were very much alike. (also probably well off track, is the "this is it" poster at the bottom is like a crown between his feet, and the PAN sticker has a similar light coming through at the bottom) plus the red rays on the sticker, could relate to his arms in the air.
AND just to throw everything up in the air, the PAN mission patch, with the question mark down the bottom, may also relate to that. ) no matter what, this theory is by far the most fun for me! Peter PAN. Even if I'm whistling in the wind. OR the crown between MJ’s feet in the poster, looks a lot like the PAN sticker rocket .
(hahaha, everyone probably thinks I'm nuts, & is bored of my theory ) but thanks for humoring me Sunny.

Looking at that poster again, it is pretty 'flashy' like not what you expect from a top secret mission by the government. Looks more theatrical to me...like 'LOOK AT THIS EVERYBODY'!!!!

Some additional pictures related to the Moon-crater being named after Michael Jackson:

PAN Mission Cratermjlarge

PAN Mission Mjmoonpic

PAN Mission Mjmoondeed

And here's a close up of an image that's used in the gate of the Neverland Ranch...:
PAN Mission Neverlandseal

...to be continued…or not...Wink

SOURCE for this post:

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PAN Mission Empty Re: PAN Mission

Post by StenniZ on Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:50 am

Hrmz....no thoughts at all? Smile
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PAN Mission Empty Re: PAN Mission

Post by White_Orchid on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:01 am

Good work,Stenniz! CIA supposed to be involved so wonder what they are up to now?

Copy/paste from a hyperlink from your speculation about the frog. What do you think?

" About the frog: frog in Spanish is "sapo." SAPO = Special Activities Program Office?

As it happens, the CIA's paramilitary branch is apparently called the Special Activities Division: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Activities_Division "

I LOVED MJ has moon crater named after him...so fitting and cool! Thanks! PAN Mission Icon_surprised
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PAN Mission Empty Re: PAN Mission

Post by MJSmile4Us on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:09 am

plz correct me if I am wrong, but I remember seeing a video where Michael's taped message to Uri Geller was played. Michael said that he wanted to be the first to negotiate a ealto fly in a rocket, and the first artist to do so..at that time, Lance Bass from NSync was looking into it as well, which Michael also mentioned in the phone message...
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PAN Mission Empty Re: PAN Mission

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