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Post by WanaBstartnSthn on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:14 pm

I don't know how to feel about Cassandra. I wanna believe her but I really don't think I should. Anyway, heres a new question/answer just posted. Tell me what ya think:

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Cassandra: A couple of questions:

There are three separate death certifates (not including the amended one showing homicide) with three different electronic signatures, is this a part of the clues?
Also, why did TMZ post MJ’s death 6 minutes before the hospital says he died? Are they in on this?
Why did Jermaine make the announcement? So as not to hold the hospital staff liable?
My best to you, and my prayers for MJ
Gloria from Pittsburgh

[Gloria, good questions. No. 1, indeed, three death certificates are to be considered serious and major clues, you are correct. No. 2, TMZ did have inside information that enable the site to scoop the world on the death hoax. No. 3, Jermaine was established early on as the "point person" for people to look to. This made good sense - in an plan such as this, you need to control all the information getting out there, and to do that, you need as much coming from one person as possible (quite a task, as you know). All prayers appreciated. Cassandra]
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