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Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1)

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Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1) Empty Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1)

Post by TheKiddNerd on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:10 pm

Im sorry guys about the other post. I told my twin sister to post it...she didn't do so well so my bad. (Mods hope you can delete the other one) One more thing...My mind runs 100 miles per minute so just let me know if you don't get something. I will be happy too explain.

In light of the big movie. I have took Michael words, "It's all for love...l.o.v.e" to heart. I have to say love has many meanings but is more complex than most think. So, What context was Michael using the word love in? I think it goes beyond our eyes but it's only truly seen with a heart and a willing mind. I believe this hoax has and will Re.Introduced us to Love but in more ways than one even if that was or wasn't the plan. I have written thoughts below. It's quite long but worth the read. I hope you enjoy Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1) Icon_biggrin

Knowing Truth
We love the truth - that’s what we say to ourselves. We are available to chase it whenever it fits our interests and mental comforts. The truth we like is the immediate and conventional one. "Truth is sweet as the peach-tree flower" says Gandhi. A knowing often mingled with myth and dream. We distinguish uncomfortable and threatening realities like weaknesses, limitations, emptiness, wars, death…or realities too complex and incomprehensible and when truth is not intriguing to our interests, or is quite realistically frightening then there is often a voice calling from within us to run away from it. With that now taken into account lets move onto

Media and the Lack of Love of Truth, Humility,Tolerance & Ethic Values
We all know Michael dislike the media as well as many of us. We all know that the have a hold on the people that keeps them at a certain level of thinking and undestanding. But we must understand truth is not a mere agreement between what one says or writes and the facts. A example of this very thing is contemporary journalism. As we know much of what is said or written in the present-day press can be considered as truth if we adopt a restricted sense of truth. They report and communicate facts. But the dominant reported facts and news : domestic crimes, aggressions, nationalist displays, pink and scandalous news (especially in Michael's case)... reveals also a strange inversion of priorities and importance. Present journalism forgets or relegates to a very secondary place of wisdom, humility, tolerance and ethical values. Which represents a tremendous lack of love of truth. When confronted with these criticisms the journalists and those in charge wash their hands of it and point their accusing finger to the public. It is impossible to survive and grow without audiences and editions. The press offers what the public wants. In the press, as in other life’s grounds, one can’t follow abstract principles of love (love of truth, in this case). There is no place for moralising. These are strong arguments. But we shouldn’t also forget that in accepting the status quo we are also accepting the cultural basis of violence, mediocrity, and inferior mental stages. Our societies turn out to be the reflexion of vicious circles, where the market laws, allied to the inferior side of human nature and our more animal and basic instincts, are creating news and culture.


During the period of this hoax. We had been introduced to lies and truth. Our job is too find the truth and forsake all lies. But nowadays the lies have become more like candy and the truth like salt. We are questioning everything now. That's now leading us to do extreme evaluation with everything we see or hear. This not only is happening with this hoax but now are lives. Change is coming and now were taking notice. I think with Michael's context of love we are beginning to see truth through love which is leading too change.
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Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1) Empty Re: Re.Introduced: ReDo (Part 1)

Post by neverlandprincess on Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:38 pm

"But nowadays the lies have become more like candy and the truth like salt".

I like that line. Great line there. Truth-salt of the earth. Rare-sustaining. Hmmm. Good thoughts here.

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