Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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To support the faith to the maximum

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To support the faith to the maximum Empty To support the faith to the maximum

Post by maria-c on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:59 pm

Some stange things. 1-I am late in the liberation of the final results of the autopsies, 2-The ambulance is late almost 1 hour to take MJ to the hospital in spite of the fact procedure complex is realized in a residence, 3-That it is so difficult to recognize an overdose?, 4- That the forensic one wants to see all the MJ's medical and dental records, it happens when there are doubts as for the identification of the body, 5-I realize the test of DNA to confirm the identity nevertheless a person who realized several surgeries, not it can to be identified by the visual recognition of his family, 6- MJ's last photo in the ambulance the fixation of the pipe endotraqueal this placed in incorrect, in the photi it he can there turns MJ's top lip, to compare with the photos of fixing Google Thomas endotraqueal, 7-It is increible that the desfibrilacion I do not apply to MJ for the doctor who was gaining 150.000$, whereas the cost of a desfebrlador is of 6.000$, 8- MJ it was necessary 2 tanks of oxygen in the nights and the following day it he was dancing as if nothing, a profecional of the dance something that it can do is to breathe and they can do it very well, so it is a technology that he learns to optimize physical performance.9-It has felt the retirement of the brain?, according to the pathologist Robin Howard, the ex-director of the Forense Institute in San Diego, California, the cerebral necessary scanner to determine if MJ tapeworm of a type of lupus seriously, the lupus leaves perceptible fingerprints in all the affected organs, in order that this examination does if this disease supposedly already was diagnosed, 10- The reason for delaying so much the results of the autopsy, when it is supposed that it is a penal investigation and is a person it publishes, 11-That MJ tape-worm a file of 600 pages in the FBI in return for the fact that? (In comparison whit Marilyn Monroe that tape-worm a direct link the president Kennedy inthe epoch of the cold war, nevertheless his file was 97 pages)
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