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Post by maria-c on Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:05 pm

The cemeteries are all decked in their Sunday best and relatives bring flowers to their loved ones.
Halloween is the festival of the dead, the moment in the year trditions from which it originates say the boundary between the mundane and otherworldly realm thins and we are closer to our loved ones.
Yesterday I saw again the photos that I publish Karen Faye of MJ's tomb, (which I must say, I seem exaggerated, maybe you should say thanks, since the common people can not carry even a flower on his alleged stay) but what amazes me and makes me think too much is the sobriety of the place. There is not even his name.. A gold coffin and then a mausoleum so anonymous? How strange, but what amazes me even more is the lack of flowers. It' true, fans can not go.. but he had a family, had friends, acquaintances.. he had three children¡.
In the tombs of ordinary people children and even grandchildren of deceased persons, are keen to leave a remembrance of their loved ones whit objects, phrases, drawings. The children of Michael not...
For us it is the feast of the dead.. for them is the Halloween party, should be more but still felt beyond the feast.. are only 4 months that should be dead..I do not know but I have a feeling...
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