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Post by maria-c on Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:01 pm

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The publication of this video does not mean that this I in agreement with everything what in is said. I have followed the videoes of this person but not who to think please should think. Later the trduccion:
- one great truth approaches the end - friends always I said it - I - but it does not depend revealing-MJ knows when it is the moment - all to know the truth ... before and after the movie - be attentive something that you must see - I come the hour - in the space of these 2 weeks - most most of the world to know ... truths - but if I must say some kind of MJ to them it does not appear while anywhere there has the premiere the movie MJ it was leaving his last tracks - and they must know that MJ .. it returns very soon - I must move back(retire) .. this way MJ wants - already cumpli what wants .. now I must go away .. thank you - 7 lights and MJ make pause minute 3:55 look at the form that it does (this it says the red picture) - you must know ... that wants to say all that...
- in the movie to see for what so much they look - now if...
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