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Michael's dancers - interview and video

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Michael's dancers - interview and video Empty Michael's dancers - interview and video

Post by city.gal1 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:18 pm

Dancers from Michael Jackson's 'This It It' Visit ET

Dancers from the current No. 1 film in America, 'Michael Jackson's This Is It,' descended upon ET and opened up about working with the late King of Pop.
The young men universally had nothing but praise for Michael, explaining that for them, working with the music icon was their "highest aspiration" and that it was a "beautiful moment."
Dancer Daniel Celebre told ET, "Every single person that saw Michael just gave the same energy back, so the love was flying all over the place. And to see the myth, the legend, right in front of you was just ... a blessing-and-a-half."
Of watching the film, Timor Steffens said, "To be honest, my emotions were really running in my body while I was watching the movie, but I also had a lot of positivity in my body, because it's a beautiful moment that we had in life."
Choreographer Travis Payne, who has been like a father figure to the group, explained, "With the release of Michael's documentary we've been able to have a bit of healing and it's helped us all, I think, to be able to cope with such a great loss."
Watch our video for more and tune in to ET tonight to see the group perform on the ET stage.
Posted November 05, 2009 12:05:00 AM

Here's the link for the video (I don't know how to post it!):
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