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Michael's Crypt? Something not right with those pics......

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Michael's Crypt? Something not right with those pics...... Empty Michael's Crypt? Something not right with those pics......

Post by MJAREYOUOK? on Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:38 pm

I hope I don't sound foolish asking this but did it not seem odd to anyone that MJ is the only "resident" in Holly Terrace at the end of the hallway when the others are in wall vaults?
The photos I saw disturbed me and I have never seen anything like it ever where they place a crypt in a hallway and also the Jackson's claim they purchased extra vaults/crypts so they can be laid to rest together...I don't think any other coffin would fit in that marble encased crypt much less the other family members as I heard they purchased 7.
I also found some more photos on another website courtesy of Karen Faye and have to go find them again and will post.It is inside Holly Terrace prior to the final "burial" and shows the guest book on the table which was poorly made and looks like some sort of a craft project I could have done,although alot better along with cards made out for every person on the guest list to sign and write a message which would then be interred with MJ.
She took alot of photos that night that is for sure,even more than just the crypt photos she *ahem* had "stolen" from her FB page or sold to TMZ..which I am believing the latter Evil or Very Mad
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