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Post by ~~Kristy~~ on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:11 pm

Hello Everyone!!!! I found good points on MJHD credit goes to TrustNoOne Take a look Note: So sorry for the double post.I had a little trouble.

This is just further elaborating my theory of the hoax, no proofs, as
main ‘character' is missing/hiding – which I do highly support and

The hoaxers: Jermaine, Tohme Tohme, Nation of Islam, AEG
(And lets respected Ramadan, which is right now, 20th Aug. until 19th Sep. 2009, where Muslims must not eat or drink during daytime.Look at this Sf-wink)
Some facts, which have not been contradicted so far, or cannot be, cause Michael stated them himself:
- Jermaine plans a Jacksons revival tour in 2008, with Michael and
Janet. Michael rejects his participation saying: “as much as I love my
brothers and sisters I will not be touring with them”. (Sorry, didn't
find the link anymore)
- Home video published by Michael on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..M&NR=1 clearly stating he hates touring (he goes through hell, it kills him)
- Marcel Avram asks Michael personally in November 2008 (!) if he
wouldn't like to go for another/a last tour again. Michael says no.
- What in the world could have made him change his mind soooo quickly on such a basic issue??
- Money? Debts? Watch this: Michael on his financial situation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..re=related
- Suddenly, after almost 4 years living outside the USA and in media
oblivion, an article arises, claiming Michael Jackson being serious
ill, having only 6 months to live
- before that some tabloids state that Michael had converted to
Islam – which is not proven (don't forget: Jermaine converted to Islam
- and sounds quite ‘brainwashed', he even advertises for turning to
Islam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..wzFW1D1MII
- after Michael refused to tour with the “Jacksons” (it was said
that contracts had already be signed claiming Michael would be
- and Michael supposedly not turning to Islam, there was something that needed to be done
- check on Jermaine's book Legacy with allegations against Michael https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..1R6yqUs-JE
- this doesn't sound like a loving family bondage
- in Michael's recorded phone call with Glenda Michael doesn't react
lovingly on Jermaine's name mentioned either (in part 4) (nor on his
father – Michael even changed his phone number!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..srrwnGhUqs
- Jermaine introduces Tohme Tohme to Michael – both Jermaine and Tohme being related to NoI, probably met there
- Tohme takes over Michaels life – Michael is afraid of him, June
Gatlin telling Michael to be careful and check Tohme out (I wonder
though, why June couldn't see more on this Tohme and told Michael of a
pertinent danger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..w4roNYqP70

Not really facts but close to fact:
- the O2 guy is not Michael but an impersonater
- the rehearsal is fake with either an imposter or “old footage
- rumours arise about drug abuse by Michael
- rumours arise about Michael being in debt (see Michaels statement above)
- concerts are postponed due to ‘health issues'/'technical issues'
- although all concerts are supposed to be in London the rehearsals are staged in LA
- the dancers are only casted 2 months before
- rehearsals start way too late for a “Michael Jackson perfect show”
- the family is not let in the mansion in LA (supposedly rented by
Michael only in April(?)) to see Michael (statement by Joe Jackson)
- the death is staged on June 25th just shortly before the transfer to London
- only one foto of ambulance existing which is fake/photo shopped
- all the rest of this melodrama we know by heart ……
- insurance details leak that AEG had insured “death of artist by overdose”
- a weird contradiction rally starts by family members, media, “close friends”, ….
Nothing fits, nothing is according to normal procedures, nothing
adds up and no-one seems to talk to each other to make “the story”
- Why did “the king of pop” HAVE to die in Californa, USA (too risky in another country?)
- Why did they bring up Frank DiLeo (Michael had quit DiLeo after the Dangerous Tour)
- Why do concerts when Michael didn't want to tour ever again and wasn't in debt either?
- Why make the story so weird with the drug stuff?
- Why not follow a logically laid out prepared story board?
- What was NOT calculated in that brought the “directors” of this
scene completely off their track (at least that's what it looks like)?
- Why needing to put people on the edge and maybe having them go to jail (the doctors)?
- Tohme was suddenly there at UCLA, claiming Jermaine would be the only one to answer questions.
- Why did Jermaine announce his brothers dead and no UCLA spokesman or physician?
- Why was Jermaine the only one to sing at the memorial?
- Why did Jermaine go the World Awards and not e.g. Janet (who was much closer to Michael)?
- Why did Jermaine arrange for the Tribute in Vienna, being on stage himself?
- Why did Jermaine take so much care for Neverland to be kept?
- Why did Jermaine insist so long for Michael to be buried at
Neverland, although Michael had clearly state he wants to never go back
- Why does Tohme claim he is the one and only spokesman, manager, etc. of Michael? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..kIJB3D3hNI
- NoI seems like a quite powerful, yet shady organisation. Almost looks like another secret society in its core.

JcC: Germany is key - could it mean Jermaine is (the) key (player)?

And here is the other one

What if this whole affair is a hoax – but completely different.

Trying to think over the edge.

What if the real MJ was not involved in this at all?

- The real MJ left America after the child molestation trial
- He spent all the time since 2005 in Ireland (?), and Bahrain
- Not much had been reported about MJ in that time
- His good friends say he didn't want to go back on stage anymore, stay out of the spotlight
and the especially the media
- He probably lived a good life in “relative” privacy
- Fotos of him in those last 3 years were all showing him with covered face and sun glasses,
those fotos mostly shot in America (most probably imposters) (can Michael bilocate?)
- Nobody has seen/is sure of fotos of the real MJ in the last time
- Then suddenly articles about drug addiction, only 6 months to live, followed by a tour
announcement (first 10 then 50 concerts) – with ticket sales that broke another record
What if the real MJ was asked to do concerts again/make a comeback
(which is really announced as a ‘goodbye-tour') and he said NO.
- (Supposedly) AEG (if not someone else behind the scene) speculates about the money
they could make – once more with MJ
- The “staging” begins – as profoundly put down by Admin in the new article – not gonna
repeat it here
- They hire a stand-in to do the announcement (we know it's not the real MJ)
- The kids are shown to the public without masks suddenly
- A mansion is rented in LA in around April
- The rehearsals are done in LA although ALL concerts are given in London
– That “last rehearsal” is done in LA, too. Not on the stage in London to test everything out,
without musicians, without proper stage lighting, without testing pyro effects (if planned),
without costumes and still with directors commands  how strange and unprofessional
- was it too risky to stage this hoax in England???
- More rumours are spread about health issues, drug addiction and depts
- The organizers know that they could never really have one single concert take place with
an imposter – the risk is too high that it would be noticed (and it would have been for sure)
- Rumours are spread MJ only agreed to do 10 concerts not 50 – because of his “bad health”
- Rumours are spread that MJ would only appear for 10 minutes in each concert, the rest
would be done by stand-ins (aha)
- So, shortly before the concerts go on stage “a death is staged/hoaxed”
We are not sure/have no evidence that the real MJ was in LA or London at all!
The MJ in the “rehearsal” is probably copied in from rehearsals for the Dangerous tour.
From the point of the announcement in March the real MJ could not speak up anymore (because the imposter was there).
Doesn't matter, now he can really enjoy the rest of his life in privacy – with his real kids, somewhere on the globe.
with so many look-alikes worldwide, he probably can even go on the
streets without having to hide from any paparazzi, not now, but they
will clearly “play the ball low” now, so in about 3 to 6 months the
hype is over.
And, with this hoax/staging money is washed to the
real MJ, so he need not worry about money at all – and there is no need
for him to speak up. (Had the real MJ died in e.g. 2007 somewhere in
Ireland or Bahrain or wherever, this mega media hype would most surely
not have happened, money would not have been washed so easily to MJ –
and nobody would open sites and threads and articles and videos and
forums and chatrooms about a Michael Jackson death hoax!
I think, some really close friends of the real MJ were just too
quiet: Liz Taylor, Diana Ross, the Sheik of Bahrain and his son, Bruce
Swedien, Quincy Jones.
I don't think that the Jackson clan knows
about any of these hoaxes (Jermaine said in the Larry King show at
Neverland he was called by CNN and told about his brother being in
hospital – so much to the Jackson clan and “how thick” they really are.
Yes, the real Michael Jackson is still alive.
He had no “role” in this at all.
He can/will not do concerts or come- backs.
will definitely look to his 100/200/800 finished songs being released
“post mortem” – just like 2Pac Amaro Shakur did. – Which has already
started! (100 songs with an average play time of 5 min. goes for 7 CD's
– ah, there's the 7 again). (Ups – just counted: MJ did 7 solo CD's
“pre-mortem”, haha)
He can continue to write and compose songs, give
them to “new artists”, register them under “a new label” and thus
continue to make money from the copyrights and publishing – he knows
the business and the ‘who is who' extremely well.
What do you all think of this?
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Post by hungry on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:40 pm

I'm deathly scared of Dr.. Tohme Tohme now that I've watched that video of him.
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Post by ~~Kristy~~ on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:42 pm

I know I can see why Michael was so scared of him.
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