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Post by DreamChild on Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:54 am

~I know that I made a thread about the subject of Michael and Howard Hughes~

~But I don't remember where exactly I posted it~

~But I have a little better Information~

~Please?~Read this?~


~It says at one point in this Article that in his last years of Life,Howard Hughes spent most of the time living in Las Vegas as a recluse and Traveling with his entire Entourage from place to place around the World and one of those places was London~

~Also Howard Hughes bought a Hotel/Casino that was named "Castaways"~

~This Property and Land as well as the surrounding Land exchanged owners a few times and was eventually bought by Steven Wynn~

~I know that there were plenty of Rumours and Stories about Michael and Steven Wynn in the Months before the Deal with AEG Live was negotiated~

~Steven Wynn was also a Friend of Michael's~

~I know there is a connection here with this Information and what we are trying to solve but I just can't put my finger on it,yet~

~I know that the more Eyes and Ears and Minds that we have going over the things that we find the Better~

~And that is why I brought it here~

~Some Things That I Found~ Herz ~Some Things That I Found~ Icon_redface ~Some Things That I Found~ Herz

~I also know that Michael was a HUGE admirer of Howard Hughes~
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