Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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List of my theories-please read and add to....

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List of my theories-please read and add to.... Empty List of my theories-please read and add to....

Post by Harleyblonde on Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:49 pm

Hi All, I thought I would do something positive and compile a list of why I believe in the hoax death theory.all this thinking has nearly made my brain explode so I thought I would get together a list-a list of what I believe to be evidence and not wishful thinking/speculation such as sightings, reading stuff into numbers/codes etc.please add to if I have missed any important clues….
1. Doc Murray did a runner before the ambulance came,why didn’t he go in his car-I have American relatives and they drive EVERYWHERE, the police took his car afterwards.
2. Michael was deeply in debt and would never have got the wealth adulation ever again like the days of thriller.
3.Why was his Mother shopping for camping gear just a day or two after he died? I couldn’t go anywhere if I lost one of my children and I don’t know any parent that could.
4. Whenever Michael does a tour (or any artist) they always release an album at the same time. I read in several places that he had 200 unreleased songs so why not use some for an album?
5.It does not look like the NOW Michael at the rehearsal-his hair is not that style anymore and why were the photo’s photoshopped, don’t know if anyone is aware but the red light should have been between his leg and it is not (if I remember is an “S”) Also why would you have lights stating “this is it” for a rehearsal when the venue was over 3000 miles away across the Atlantic ocean?
6.Why did Jermaine announce the death of his Brother-even my Mum says is really strange and is never done for a member of the family of a celebrity to announce a death, is always spokesperson or Doctor etc.
7.Why did the Jacksons say that Michaels face was too badly damaged to have an open casket but yet the Children of Michael saw him on more than one occasion and if his face was so damaged how come he looked so well in the “ambulance” photo.
8.Which brings us onto the ambulance photo-it doesn’t look right, a fake more than likely as many have pointed it out on this site.Also a photographer would not just take one photo-these cameras they have can take lots per second, my Uncle is a photographer and he said photo is a joke and they think we are morons.
10.He didn’t want to do 50 concerts, he only signed for 10 but the contract allowed them to extend-many don’t think he would have been able to do all especially with the trauma of the last few years/court case/losing Neverland.
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