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Post by footprints on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:55 pm

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Hello Footprints Filmworks Member

Our "Feature
Film" Footprints in South Africa is scheduled for release in the course
of 2010 with some of the most well known South Africans participating.
The film is a story about the growth and development of South Africa,
post Apartheid. The film is expected to generate revenue of 10 million
dollars with 50 million viewership distribution both locally and

The reason you are receiving this email is to
confirm your interest in our company Footprints Filmworks as well as
creating a broader market interest. We currently are in the second
phase of production with advertisements of businesses and personalities
currently open. It would be impossible to give a full biography and
detail explanation in this email, hence we have provided a brief
snapshot of the current film being produced.

We currently
require addition funding of R5 million rand(Footprints in South
Africa-Project) in the form of investments into the company, with
holding interest for shareholders. Advertisers do not form part of our
shareholders as originally stated in previous newsletters.

Here are our current advertising methods for those personalities and business people who show interest.

Advertising methods with Footprints Filmworks for September/October 2009

Option 1
50 000 email addresses Press Statement-R6700.00--Including Google, Alexa, MSN and Footprints Filmworks Distribution.

Option 2
Purchase of Footprints Chrome, which is a CD that has all 50 000 email addresses and the the http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
website all on CD. This CD is self in-stable and can be used for
mailing daily advertising to potential business partners. The Current
price of Footprints Chrome is R12000.00, with email database scheduled
t0 reach 100 000 by February 2010.

Option 3
Option 3 includes
the above two options including a banner advert for one year on
Footprints Filmworks, including profiles of business directors and
partners. Current price of Option 3 is R15000.00 with expiry of this
Option on Dec 31 2009.

Option 4
Option 4 includes all above
Options including a business film advert on Footprints in South Africa.
The business advert will feature the business as well as the directors
of the company promoting their businesses and success story. We
normally do filming for two hours of the business, of which the advert
will be edited to a three minute power packed presentation. We have the
best make-up artists, video stilts, imaging and distribution in
Southern Africa. The current price of an advert in Footprints in South
Africa is R50.000, with 70 percent payable upon the film advert and 30
percent upon distribution of the film.

Option 5

Option 5
includes all above options including the purchase of a share in
Footprints Filmworks. The minimum amount a shareholder can invest is
R150.000.00 with payments divided into three years from payment. The
investor receives no interest dividends from Footprints Filmworks.
However, all above four options become free to him upon investment.

conclusion of this email newsletter we would like to thank our loyal
family members, staff, supporters and critics for their time investment
with Footprints Filmworks.

Lastly please have a glance at our company website at http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com
for more info. We are currently seeking actors/actresses/power
personalities and comedians to help assist us with Footprints in South

You can also give us a shout on (012) 370 3469/ (012) 370-1984 for more info.

Thanking you and have an awesome day

Footprints Filmworks Signature:

Filmworks is an investment company that invests in internet media,
print media, text media, f i l m and distribution. The company was
originally created by Omar Abdulla to become a leading f i l m
production company that PROMOTES INDO-ASIANS of South Africa to the
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