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Post by Ilovemjstill on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:44 pm

Hello again earlier today I made a thread that was a good-bye thread. Somehow it got thrown into a very sexaual thread talking about thing's that ,that thread was not meant for. So I am going to start this over and see how this goes.

Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing okay.

am making this thread for the ones that are leaving can put all of
there goodbyes here. Cause I know sometimes it makes me sad when we are
reading a happy thread and someone comes on and say that they are
leaving. Then the whole thread get's thrown off.(Not picking on anyone
that has done that). So If you are planning on leaving you can post
your goodbyes here.

You can post your goodbye
letter,poems,words,etc anything that you want out here. This is also
for those who say they are leaving and really don't leave. This is just
something to save all of us a little bit of trouble. I hope that no one
takes this in the wrong, I am just trying to help a few people out.

The key to to let go of fear.

P.S: I am not leaving and I do not plan too.
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