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Post by lonelynation on Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:32 am

Not sure where to post.. but here ya go..

What’s in a Name? The MJHD Admin Conspiracy continues…

Hi there everyone – it seems the time has come once again when the spotlight has turned from Michael Jackson and the Hoax Death discussion and has been brought back to myself, MJHD Admin. I would like to say a big hello to all of our MJHD Admin ‘Haters’ who are having a wonderful time at the moment on their Forums and Blogs – taking a ‘so-called’ constructive look at me personally and at this site as usual.

I feel the need has arisen to address a few issues and pose a few questions of my own. I realise that I had two options regarding this situation – to either ignore all of you ‘Haters’ or address you. In my decision of writing this post to you, I realise that my words and entire post will be under your scrutiny. You will most likely copy it word for word into your little Forums and onto your Blogs, make snide remarks about me, laugh, joke and be as rude as possible – however I no longer have the patience to ignore you, but at the same time, I don’t really care what you have to say either.

You may be curious as to what I’m about to say though. Firstly, I would like to remind you that the more you speculate and try to ‘dig’ into my personal identity and personal life – the more wrong you are.

You continue to look into the identity of the name ‘Amy Sampson’, merely because it appears on the IP Lookup information available freely on the internet. Had it ever occurred to you that this might not be the only name of it’s kind?

You continue to look into this name – and you’re all convinced that any and all information you find about ‘Amy Sampson’ is the same person. It has obviously never occurred to you that there is more than one person of that name in Australia, USA and the World –in fact I would go so far as to say that there are hundreds.

If you do a Google Image search on this name – there are many pictures of different women, however all of you ridiculous ‘Haters’ still choose to believe there is one person of this name and that’s that.

You have done some digging as you call it and it has brought you to a Blog or two. These Blogs tell you exactly what you want to hear about this person and this name so you believe every word. You have found out – because someone told you so – that a person named Amy Sampson is the Admin of this site and that she is also the Admin of other sites. It has never occurred to you that it’s not the same person because that is not what you want to hear.

I feel sorry for you. It has obviously never occurred to you ‘Haters’ that you should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you, who contribute to your little Blogs and Forums have your screen names. No one knows your real first name – let alone full name. No one has slandered your name or has said nasty untrue things about you, and I’m sure if you were honest with yourself, if someone (or many people) were doing this to you, you would feel deeply hurt and angered.

But the sad truth is, you don’t even stop to think that what you’re doing could be hurting someone’s feelings. All you want is to make yourself feel good, by bringing someone down, slandering them and embellishing untrue rumours about them.

And the even sadder thing is the reason why you’re doing this…because the person with this name decided to create a website, devote many hours to it’s creation and upkeep, spend money on it, put a Forum on it and continue to work on it for hours each day. You are sadly justifying to yourselves that because the Admin of MJHD has put this site on the web, that it’s OK to bad mouth her and talk about her in a degrading and nasty way.

You have decided that because MJHD Admin closed down the Forum when people were digging into her personal identity previously, that it must mean that she was guilty of what they accused her of.

Had it not ever occurred to you that if you were in the position of MJHD Admin – to find that some of your own members had posted multiple links to a website with mountains of information about her so-called identity along with mountains of UNTRUE information, of a very degrading and rude nature that you would have shut down your Forum also? Had it not occurred to you that MJHD Admin did not want this kind of Untrue CRAP all over her own Forum and realised the only way she could stop being degraded and slandered on her own website was to close access to the Forum for a few days?

No, of course you haven’t thought of that. Why? Because to you, ‘Amy Sampson’ is just a name -10 letters on a page. To you this is not an identity or a real person.

Wake Up. Do yourselves a favour and find something else to b***h about. You are all wrong and just making yourselves look even more ridiculous, the more you carry on and on about MJHD Admin.

With what you are doing, there are only two possible outcomes….for MJHD to be shutdown completely and to cease to exist or for it to get bigger, better and stronger.

I assure you, it’s not going to be shutdown.

Good news travels fast – but bad news travels even faster.

I want to thank all of you for making this site even bigger and for giving it so much more exposure. The more you carry on about MJHD Admin and the site itself, the more exposure the Hoax and this site is getting, so you’re essentially making my job that much easier.

You are, however, at the same time, making yourselves look like complete idiots.

Such a shame.

For those of you who are curious about MJHD Admin and want to know about her please visit this site:

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