Toxicology results are in/put on hold

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Toxicology results are in/put on hold Empty Toxicology results are in/put on hold

Post by Sweet1 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:36 pm

Well! I was watching JVM tonight. The toxicology report is being put on hold so as not to interfere with the investigation of DEA. Jane was pissed. She said she never heard of anything so ridulious. None of us have. My Theory is:

Diprovan is an anesthia that is untraceable. DEA raided on of Dr. Murray's Pharmacies in Vegas. They are now trying to tie the drugs found in MJ's bedroom 4 days after his death to the Diprovan. The only problem with that is those pill bottles were from years back. The DEA is trying to gather evidence because I guarantee you the toxicology report has death as UNDETERMINED. They wil all look totally incompetent if they can't come up with something viable.

Also, it was already addressed on the MJHD forum many times over that it wasn't MJ that passed away on June 25th. From reading some of the posts today some of you have started thinking otherwise. All, I want to say is never give up hope. Don't waiver in your faith. Don't second guess yourself because of something you read online, tabloids/media. Without hope we have nothing. I know within my heart MJ is alive out there somewhere and I am not changing my mind. This was a Hoax. Keep the Faith!
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