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Something about the memorial Empty Something about the memorial

Post by GirlInTheMirror1 on Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:38 pm

Hi, this is just to sum up everything we already mentioned from the memorial. Feel free to add what i forgot.

1. The family
-brothers wear yellow ties, which is "mostly associated with those waiting for the return of a loved one" (wikipedia). coincidence?
-all wearing sunglasses. to hide the real emotions behind it?
-Prince, is looking "bored".. although the coffin is right in front of him. Well, everyone mourns differently. Paris seems excited, and Blanket
-to me, and that is just my opinion, Paris´speech seems a bit forced. No tears. But well, could be coincidental.
-nice memory Marlon talked about, that Michael liked to disguise himself and fooled everyone but his family.
2. The "show"
- Kenny Ortega´s speech. "We were here. We were right here. A little less than a week ago. Michael was with us." A little less than a week? Did he have maths?
-the programme says "Michael Jackson. The king of pop. A celebration of the life of Michael Jackson."
-Jermaine singing "Light up your face with sadness, hide every trace of gladness". Could it just be a mistake?
3. Michael himself
-"Soon we are going to see the king..". Just because it´s a famous funeral-song? The coffin? Or is the best yet to come...?
-"Will you be there": pain or painS? Why the additional "s"?
-Look like he´s introducing Brooke:
- "I´m alive and I´m here forever". Is he?
-Is he the man behind the camera?


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