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Copy of MJAreYouOk: Did Joe slip-up? (21.07.09)

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Copy of MJAreYouOk: Did Joe slip-up? (21.07.09) Empty Copy of MJAreYouOk: Did Joe slip-up? (21.07.09)

Post by GirlInTheMirror1 on Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:18 pm

On Larry King the other day, Joe Jackson was talking about how the rumors of Michael's horrible childhood were untrue. He went on about how he raised his children right, and compared his childrearing to other less-strict parents.

He said “Most of those kids, who were Michael's age, during that time—they're not living now!”

What, Joe? And Michael is? He kind of stuttered and stammered after he said that Now, doesn't that sound like a really weird thing to say considering that his son is supposed to be dead? To brag that you raised your kids right, not like those other parents who let their kids run wild and the kids ended up dead? That doesn't sound at all like the father of a guy who died of a drug overdose.

Watch this, starting at about :40


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