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Post by tinker_bell on Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:15 pm

Just got my copy of TII album today (hurray!) and was looking at the backside of the CD-box. Noticed this new Sony logo "make.believe". Interestingly, they changed the company logo to this one in September 2009, before it was for a long time ''...

Here's a commercial for Sony with new logo, i noticed it feaures a scene from 2012 =)

and apparently when a large multinational such as Sony hanges company's logo it is quite an issue in the big business world as it involves some new current in the company's policies. Here's an interesting article on that:

I'm not sure if this has to do with the hoax at all, except the coincidental (oh not again!) choice of words... but i was caught up by the passage on 3D technologies:

"Embracing the spirit of ‘make.believe’, Sony willl bring 3D to the home in 2010 and reinforce the role of the living-room as the hub of home entertainment, with exciting and oustanding 3D entertainment experiences"

and this one:

"‘Believe’ is the power of inspiration and ‘make’ is about crafting inspiration into products and experiences for our consumers. The ‘dot’ is the place where they meet – and where magic happens!"

well, we all know MJ's passion for 3D stuff, as well as his relation to magic =) Plus he often mentioned his aspirations to make something oter than music, his fascinaion by high technologies and admiration of Japan...

sorry if that's a little off topic or been discussed before, but i guess we all kinda learn new things being on this forum, getting all the 'side-walk' knowledge and that's what makes it even more exciting!!

I just hope we're not maDe.beLIEve... unless by MJ himself SONY make.believe Icon_wink
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