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Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like!

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Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Empty Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like!

Post by MJsAngelEyes1987 on Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:02 pm

Hey Everyone,
Just thought that I'd want to stop by & tell you about
my own personal story, etc. if you all wouldn't mind,
even though it seems a bit long.

Anyways, I was born in the month of May, of 1987
(that's how I used my username at the end), however I was born early.

And oh yeah, that was also during MJ's BAD era, & I LOVE that era!!
MMMM!! MJ was "SMOKIN' GORGEOUS" then(@ least in my opinion)
I was supposed to have been born in August,
the same month as Michael, but instead again, born early weighing in @ ONLY 2 pounds 12 oz premature with a grade 4 IVH(Intraventricular Hemorrhage),
which is probably the worst brain bleed any child can have,
& just about any child who suffers from something like this,
there's a chance that either they make it,
or may suffer serious problems, or in fact, may not even make it at all.
And as for me, I almost didn't make it, but luckily for whatever reason,
I made it through.

I also suffered from Cerebal Palsy(CP, for short) in both legs,
but more severely in my left leg, which was twisted.
Due to that, I was unable to walk right, run, skip or do anything,
like most people at the time, so that was a pretty tough disability for me.

But that's not all. I also suffered from a bit of some hearing loss as well,
so I wear hearing aids in both ears & I started wearing them when I was about
8 yrs old, when I moved to VA, from being in MD for a while.
I moved to VA to be w/ my grandmother(my father's side)
& lived w/ her from about the age of 8 all the way til the age of almost 20.
Now I'm back in MD w/ my mom.

However, back to the problem w/ my leg, I had to have surgery done,
before I hit puberty, otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to operate.
So, it was done early.
Then, I started school @ the age of 8 but, I started the 2nd grade
instead of being in the correct grade which would've been 3rd, since
I hadn't been put in school when I was w/ my mom, so I was just
a bit late starting school.
So, I was born w/ a disability
In October of either '96 or '97, I received an achievement award known as the "HillClimbers" award.
I had also started the violin in the 2nd grade,
& went through school with that since I enjoyed it at that time for quite a while,
til about after High School since I don't really play it much now anymore.

Back in December of 1997, my grandfather on my dad's side, became quite sick
& was in the hospital all the way through the beginning of May.
He passed away on May 4th, 1998 & I had just turned 10 yrs old then.
(of course the funny thing is May 4th is also MJ's mother Katherine's bday,
if I'm correct)

Now, moving on to my middle school years.
They were really tough. I was teased alot & didn't like it much,
but tried to handle it as best I could.

Now, here's the hard part.
My last year in middle school in Sept. of 2001 was definetly the hardest for me since my father tragically passed away on the 19th from a tragic car accident, plus my grandmother had just broken her leg just a few wks before his death.
My father was "GONE TOO SOON." He was only 41 yrs old & I was 14 at the time.
(Note: I posted that part in another topic as well,
about my dad being gone too soon)

When I finally got into high school, things seemed to be going quite
well for me, as far as grades & working hard goes.
I had acheived Honor Roll/Scholars List a few times during freshman year.
Of course, right before starting into high school, the first Michael Jackson
CD that I ever got was his 1982 album Thriller, but sadly enough,
it got stolen. Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Icon_sad
I really liked MJ's music, but at the time, I wasn't a serious fan, per say.
By sophomore year, I went straight through Honor Roll/Scholars List
througout that ENTIRE year, & it was so funny to me,
to be honest, because I never really did very much
studying then. LOL Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Icon_biggrin

Of course, during my sophomore year, I was living in a home for girls,
due to my behavioral problems w/ my grandmother.
During that time, I believe, I got Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits
HIStory Vol. 1 CD, then his Number Ones CD.

By Junior year of high school, I'd gotten Michael Jackson's Dangerous album,
as a Christmas present from a friend of mine.
Although there isn't alot about my junior year that I can say about. LOL
By senior year, everything was good/normal.
I finally graduated w/ my Class of 2006! Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Icon_smile

I also enjoy singing as well & have been doing it since I was about 8 yrs old.
Here's a video of me singing but its from a Disney movie, & I know
that Michael is also a Disney aficianado just like me.
And this video is of me singing, but to let you know,
it's just my voice in the background.
It's me doing a duet w/ one of my youtube friends.
The song is "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin"
And of course, my part is Princess Jasmine.
Here's the video!
(Note: sorry for the poor quality on my part, since the only thing I had
when I made my vid is a digital camera, but hopefully I'll have a mic
when I get my new PC hopefully @ Christmas of this yr.)

(Note: Sorry my video is at the top of the page)

Now, I know I've pretty much posted this before,
but thought I'd mention it here as well.
When June 25th came along, I was online, & I saw on Yahoo
that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop had "Passed away"
& was completely shocked. I was devastated & broke down crying.
I pretty much even cried a bit, when I saw the "So called Memorial"
back in July, although I will say, it was quite beautiful though.

However, I felt something seemed a bit off to me.
Seeing the weird behavior from the family, the writing on the screen
that said "I'm alive & I'm here forever"
The changing of "Pain" which added an S at the end of Michael's
"Will You Be There." to Jennifer Hudson wearing White, to a memorial.
I mean, come on, who wears white to a memorial??
I really thought that was a bit weird because I felt that MJ would not
record anything w/o a mistake, pretty much everything was just weird to me.

So, around June 25th is when I actually became a fan of MJ,
since I started going back to listening to his amazing music,
& immediately, I was completely HOOKED/ADDICTED!!!!!
I sorta feel guilty about not being a fan beforehand,
but really, I guess it doesn't matter when you become a fan of someone,
such as Michael Jackson! LOL. Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Icon_smile

So there goes my story! Hope you all like it.
I love Michael Jackson & always will. He's the best & one of the greatest
entertainers of all time. Just thought I'd like to share w/ you my personal story on myself if you'd like! Icon_smile
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