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Post by Souza81 on Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:59 pm

New forum board online!

Hey guys,

Due to some forum problems lately and weird glitches and because it's not possible to get the database from forumotion, we have decided to make a whole new board and put a link here to the old board as a read-only. This forum is locked now, but all the posts are saved and accessable for those who log in on the old board with their old username and password.

This is a new database on our own server and therefor more stable and it is easier to make a back-up, you only need to make a new account by registering again.

I ask you all that if you have recently posted, to copy this from the old board to this board, so we can continue where we left the old board.

I hope you like the new forum and will get used to it soon. We hope to have tackled the problems now, but if you still have any problems or questions, please let us know, I am sure we can help you with it.

We hope you enjoy the new board and we will see you there!

Souza & Mo

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