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Watch this coroners van video Empty Watch this coroners van video

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:04 pm

Tell me what you think, iv been looking into the helicopter scenes and i noticed when they put the body in the coroners van, how they seem to manhandle it by basically dragging it from right side of van to left seems the body is on the floor, and the way the official just seems to lift it up worries me, something about it doesnt seem right from about 5.17

Also while i was watching and studying helicopter scenes, iv been convinced they seemed staged from the onset, iv even said on this forum it seemed like a movie, now this jonell starr has mentioned it in her new video, but as we seen from the helicopter the body was right behind the guy who was stood at the door, in full view so we all seen it, but on my findings i find another video of one of the helicopters, exact to the one used in MJ death, but not the same one despite what the video says, the numbers arent the same, anyway look for yourself where they put a body, its stored more in the middle and wouldnt be seen from outside the door....there is one more place i can see where it could go and that is on the floor, the body we know was definitely not on the floor from the scenes we seen....take a look and see for yourselves

Maybe im imagining stuff but this has been bothering me for weeks that the whole thing like jonell starr said seemed so surreal, like a movie, how so many different flight angles were filmed just doesnt seem true to the real world...I just wanted to add after seeing the new jonell starr video, that the body is very clearly sitting up in the video, it looks like the black straps were not fastened properly or were loosened, to me you can see the moves and folds in the fabric like a limb is moving and to my mind, seems to be someone sliding out from under the strap, as the motion moves downwards, if you follow...sorry if this seems to be going over news as i havent been on here long, but i cant shrug this helicopter thing from my mind, its so unreal, the door left open when the guy had closed it first after the body was first put in the helicopter, thenat take off the guy is hanging out door wide open not even pulled a little closed all the way to coroners, like we needed to see the body in view...and that guy, why didnt he just go take a seat and maybe leave the door slid open a little, not like anyone can steal the body from mid air.....Hmmm

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Watch this coroners van video Empty Re: Watch this coroners van video

Post by DONNALOVESMJ on Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:15 pm

you know what ?

almost at the end you can see the coroner guy remove the sticker. from the back of the coroner van, the sticker is located underneith the license plate.
this sticker is on the coroner van it means that they might have imitated a coroner van took mj wrapped in the white cloth, and took him to the parking lot and change car from there.
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