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Sheila Jackson Lee contact Details Empty Sheila Jackson Lee contact Details

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:49 am

If it does turn out that Michael Jackson has really died, then as iv said before we should really investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, the unsavoury people around him with hidden agendas, Dr Tohmme Tohmme, etc... and why the LAPD, DEA have botched up the case so far... looks like DR Murray is the only one being investigated at the moment, so why arent they investigating the instigators, the people behind the Murder...

Anyway iv not totally given up on the hoax death, but i want to put here the contact details of Sheila Jackson Lee the congress woman who spoke at MJ memorial... She has received a lot of emails, iv just sent mine, and telephone calls, but the more the merrier in my opinion to ensure justice will be served for Michael... Power is in numbers, if he did die then we want answers... and the end to the smear campaigns against his name... In my opinion if it was any other celebrity then the case would not have been botched from the onset. The only people speaking loudly about Michael Jackson are Shirley Jackson Lee and a few local politicians around the country. Write her an email and urge her to push for something more.

Sheila Jackson Lee or telephone 202-225-3816

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