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My thoughts about MJ's dead

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My thoughts about MJ's dead Empty My thoughts about MJ's dead

Post by Anika20 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:43 am

When MJ died I felt really upset...I remember I went to my bed that night, and when I got up in the morning I opened my Twitter account and there was the terrible new! I was a fan of him when I was...I don't know, around 6, now I am 20, I didn't grow old with his music but I always love it.

At first I thought he was really dead, I didn't cry but I pray for him (a thing I never do because I don't like to pray) and I regreted all the bad things he lived because of the media and because ppl judge him, why did they (or us) judge him? the answer is easy, because he was completly exposed to us, he was like a monkey on a stage, we all enjoy his music and the way he danced (so awesome!) but once he was there, once he was completly famous...we found much more pleasure in destroy him. Now we all claim we were his fans, now we all want to know what happened really, but maybe this is happening because we have the feeling that we all kill him. We all kill him because we didn't do something to help him when he was alive (supposing he's dead).

After heard his music a dozen times again, and after surfered on the net...since yesterday I had the feeling he is not dead. There are many questions which seem to have no possible answer, and there seem to be a lot of clues about the fact that he's alive but the clues are not really clues because they can't prove something.

What I think about his death is...that he wasn't him, that it was one of his impersonators, in fact the 1st time I saw his last pic (the one on the ambulance) I thought: "that person is not him" I thought that because of his skin color which seems to be darker...but a friend of mine saw the pic and said: "yes it's him" so I didn't give importance to my intuition. Later I read about E'casanova terminal disease...he was dying from 2007, he had a Myspace (you can actually find it on there) and he didn't write a world from 2007, now the last 29th June he wrote in his blog talking about Mike's passing...and his Twitter was blocking ppl. now you can't find his twitter because it's gone. I didn't give importance to that fact either.

Later I read Mike liked to be disguised because that was the only way he had to go out and feel secure from ppl. Then I watched the Memorial where his brother said that he wanted to share a lil. story about his bro, and he choosed to talk about that.

His sister (sorry I am bad for names) said: "Mike is watching you all right now" ok, from the sky? or from the arena?

Mike's monologue was appropriate...he seemed to be crying and it didn't sound like a recording, was that person really him? was it a recording? was it one of his impersonators?...hmmm...I think the guy talking was him.

When he died the person who phoned to 911 was not the Dr. so...where is this person? why he seems so calm? and the most important who is he talking to? to Dr. Munrray or to Mike? Why the Dr. refused to sing the death certificate? why in the 1st death certificate it said: "black man" when Mike was almost white?

Why was the family at the hospital before Mike arrived there in ambulance? why some said he was alive when he arrived there and others said he was dead?

why? why? why?

So many whys...I truly think he's alive that will explain why his children didn't cry really, why his family didn't cry, why his closest friends didn't feel in the mood to go to his Memorial but they felt in the mood to write stuff about that on twitter (!!). I think he really hoax his dead, I don't have proofs, but I have this feeling, and I always had have a really good intuition.

Anyway...if he is alive I hope he will have the life he always wanted to, and feel free from the media and from us too, because even if he loved us (his fans), I am sure he must feel relief now. If he is dead...then I thought that the ones who ARE PLAYING WITH OUR HEADS ARE THE MJ'S FAMILY, YES!! I really think it, maye they want to get much more money with all that, otherwise they would have open his coffin at his memorial day, because the fans wanted to see him, and/or they can talk about it openly on the television or on the net, and reply to all our questions, but they are not doing that, why?? take your own conclusions...

Someone had got a lot of money to remain silent and that person is the only who knows if Mike is or not alive.

Another thing...where is Murray? why is he not in jail right now? he killed him so...he may be in jail, don't you think so? why is he not? maybe because someone know Mike is alive?
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