Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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The Simple Theory credit: seven7seven MJHD

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The Simple Theory  credit: seven7seven MJHD Empty The Simple Theory credit: seven7seven MJHD

Post by eva05 on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:50 pm

This seems probable to me:

He did not want a comeback, because he never left. He just
wanted a final blow, to show the world that there is no doubt who the
best (pop)artist is ever lived? Or maybe he did need the money? So he
would make one more album, do one more big show. The record is made, as
told by Will.i.am. The shows announced.

But his promoter, his financer AEG got greedy. Forced him into
50 shows, way over his head, something he never wanted, something he
knew he couldn't do. Maybe a contract forced him doing the shows, and
would bankrupt him if he didn't. That would not only hurt him, but it
would also hurt his children, something I'm sure he never ever wanted
to happen.
So he had a choice: bankruptcy or doing the shows. Or
find a way out, that would leave his children save and financially
secure for the rest of their lives and keep his greedy promoter happy
as well (insurance money, stock in record sales, promotion, even the
coincidental HD recording of the rehearsal, to name a few money
makers). How is death for an answer?

Maybe it was thought of a long time ago, maybe the plans were
new. To stage someone’s death, you don't need many people. You need a
way to die, a doctor to confirm it, someone with power to overrule even
the ambulance personal, someone inside the hospital to finish the job
and pronounce him dead and a coroner to keep up the story, that is it.
And if questions asked, you need someone to take the fall for you. Who
else than the same doctor you already involved in your play?

It is quite easy to stage a death. People see what they want to
see. You bring MJ in a coma, fake some CPR on the bed when personal is
looking, have them make the call but ensure not to mention any details,
since you don't want special treatment, too many paps and for all too
many witnesses.
When ambu arrives you make sure the doctor has power
to overrule the EPT's. With a weak pulse – as said – you cannot use a
defibrillator. You have MJ's body secures and transported to the
hospital. There the doctor involved takes care of the final piece and
announces him dead after two hours. Claiming they have worked really
hard but without success. Publicly the “dead” body is transported to
the coroner, and he tells the world he has done so much research the
body is too damaged for an open casket.

You know, when a celeb dies like this, questions will be asked.
But you thought of that. You plant some evidence of drug abuse in your
house, remove some stuff at the same time. Do the same at the doctors
place and office. Mess things up just enough, so little proof is found,
the doctor will be charged but never found guilty of manslaughter
because evidence is tampered with or is insufficient for a conviction.
You pay him enough for him to keep his mouth shut – and maybe he will
because he is indeed the biological father of one of the children, as
was claimed on TMZ not long ago.

And there it is. A death perfectly staged with just three people
involved. AEG would not be involved, there is no need to. And the
family knows, but they are family and it is in their best interest to
keep their mouth shut, which we know they aren't very good at. The Simple Theory  credit: seven7seven MJHD Icon_wink
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