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All the double theories

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All the double theories Empty All the double theories

Post by neverlandprincess Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:10 pm

I have seen so may "MJ double and or impersonation" theories on here it makes my head spin. Now anyone who ever reads my replies knows I don't think the guy anouncing the at the O2 was Michael-his hands are to "not Michael" and so is his forehead-something just "off" about his whole look. Some of the shots from "THis IS IT" look that way too. I have tried to not go to far off the deep end and say-hey you know he was older and maybe just the makeup/hair made him look differant-who knows. I know that it was not that many years ago we would see him and though he looked kind of rough he still looked like Mike. (Geraldo interview,Bashir interview,Court) I was wondering if anyone has compared the court trial pictures with those TII shots and o2 shots. His hair and makeup at court looked differant but his forehead was open maybe we could compare those shots and if there are any with his hands. I would do it but I am about to leave the comp and try to get my car fixed-and I really hate looking at the court pics.

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