Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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Another Big Clue Pointing To a Hoax!

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Another Big Clue Pointing To a Hoax! Empty Another Big Clue Pointing To a Hoax!

Post by WanaBstartnSthn on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:24 am

Everyday, since our beloved Michael "passed", I google his name to see any news regarding the case. It's already been brought up numerous times about how odd it is that no REAL reputable news source seemed to be giving any info about it. It's always a crappy tabloid or sum music site or of course our brickman, TMZ. Well I googled MJ this morning and following article popped out. Take a look:

Michael Jackson homicide case to be presented to District Attorney 'in weeks'
Investigation into singer's death almost complete

The homicide investigation into the death of Michael Jackson is almost complete and will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney in three to four weeks, it has been claimed.

US celebrity news website TMZ.com, which first broke the news of Jackson's death in June, reports that law enforcement sources have said that Dr Conrad Murray remains the only person under investigation with regard to the case.

Medical experts are set to submit the results of their observations within three weeks, with the presentation to the District Attorney due a week later.

The source also explained that, should he be charged with a crime relating to the death, Murray would not be formally arrested before a charge was made."

Now my purpose of posting this article that was printed by NME (another music news site that I NEVER heard if) is to show the use of the infamous word "sources". It's always a source. we never have a name or something more solid than a source. And anyway, what happened because a month or so ago, the police were sure they were making an arrest in "3 weeks". Now they are saying "if" Dr Murray is charged he'll be arrested. Ooookaaayyyy....so why would they get so ahead of themselves and set an arrest date if the "investigation" wasn't even complete??? And again, why is everyone getting their news from TMZ regarding MJ???

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Another Big Clue Pointing To a Hoax! Empty Re: Another Big Clue Pointing To a Hoax!

Post by SeeingClues on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:28 am

timed right before the move releases...

what is odd is that they are not calling him a "person of interest" which is a common police term you hear in cases like this.

Also odd is that the LAPD is focusing on him, while the family isn't...

I think this will resolve one way or another by the time the movie releases...
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