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Great findings about Michaels "paparazzi favorite"

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Great findings about Michaels "paparazzi favorite" Empty Great findings about Michaels "paparazzi favorite"

Post by Harleyblonde Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:06 am

Came across this on MJHD, it would suggest that Christopher would have the knowledge to "do" a plausible photo of MJ in the ambulance. See what you think;
Christopher Weiss, the "paparazzi favorite" by Michael Jackson …

We had already read and heard that the lucky photographer Christopher Weiss, author of the depiction of Michael Jackson on the stretcher inside the ambulance, was his old knowledge.
More than knowledge, judging from some pictures that depict them together, have a lot 'of confidence. Friendship, certainly.
The interesting thing is that this guy joined the University of California to become a doctor, did internship here and there was a period in a laboratory for research on breast cancer, but mainly worked as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), which in America are those who practice the first cases of medical emergency, empha guidance personnel, sometimes working on the ambulance during transport to hospital.
Read what they write about it:
"are well trained to assist patients and keeping them in conditions of adequate breathing and circulation until arrival in the cardiovascular specialist".
Who knows how many times this guy has been on those ambulances and have seen patients with cardio-respiratory blocks, he may have done some photos for themselves, their study material.
In 2007 a friend opens photo agency, the National Photo Group, and offers him the chance to do some 'money to pay for studies. He was not interested in celebrities and began work for this game, until he met Michael Jackson and became his "personal paparazzi".
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