Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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Post by maria-c on Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:41 pm

I think that it is necessary to see the major quantity of opinions of the movie, am going to put opinions of people of Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, my opinion next week is when I am going to see the movie.

Hey, look at...¿who said I was sick and could not do...?
I do not think you are addicted or who are no longer inject what is supposed Murray was injected. Michael does not have "a hair" of silly, is very keen..¡
The most important clues for me:
1.-No R.I.P. in the credits of the movie...(????)
2.-Smooth Criminal
3.-Earth Song
4.-Michael games
5.-The film goes on....

Hello everyone I was watching the film and found it impressive
As for the tracks, I saw some like you say in the forum. What most struck me is that nowhere to RIP or date or anything like that.
For doubles, I think Michael really is what can be seen without glasses, as shown with the transparent blue shirt with red shirt underneath and he rises in the gray suit that eventually smiles. It is a smile of complete happiness¡ of course the Smooth Criminal and he is handsome¡
In my opinion I think the orange pants is not he, nor the jacket with shoulder pads such as rare. A few movements very weird when she sings "Human Nature"...
And what's more it was clear the information learned during the "autopsy" are false¡ neither has arthritis and is not balding, and weighed 45 kilos, he called particular attention to their hair, has the same hair as in BAD, curly and a bit long.
And all the rubbish that has said of this nose and ears¡ LIES AND MORE LIES¡

If double, put them in split screen for that. And in a moment at the end of the film comes out double Kenny laughing as she dances and says, "do as michael, do like michael.
The clues are most clear in thriller, Earth Song and after the credits...but there is a great thriller.

This will be a great adventure and we all a family (it was the end for me was a track)
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