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Post by mjs_fan4life on Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:42 am

Dearest Michael,

I doubt you will ever read this but on the chance of some miracle from God I would like to write this to you anyway. You have written some brilliant songs. Your messages are strong and to the point. I have been inspired by several of your writings. I think one of my very favorites is Earth Song. The message in that song just blows your mind when you really grasp what you are getting at. I thought my goodness, how did he come up with that. My only answer was God laid it on your heart.

I have seen "This is it" several times now. I gotta tell you Mike, the body doubles do you no justice. First of all the guy in the orange pants, who you can so tell is not you dances to choppy. His moves are not smooth like yours are. Secondly, no one, I mean no one can duplicate your smile, and that look you give. I can't explain it, but I know it when I see it. I was able to pick out the real MJ everytime. It is that same cute look I have seen in your concert videos back from the 80s-90s. The facial expressions were dead give aways it was you in certain songs. Also, I loved you in that black coat in the song "Black or White." (such a hottie you are). Smile

You know i have listened to you since way back in the abc days. Yep! I am your age. I know that many, many people have shed buckets of tears since your disappearing. Many theories are going around and it is so confusing. I just pray and I know that God knows the real truth of where you are. I pray that you are in the care of the Lord MJ.

You seem to me to be such a sweet and humble gentle person. I think the media has given you a bad rap, however, I think you were strong enough to rise above it. I respect you as an artist and a writer. Your lyrics could and should bring about the changes you desire in the world. however, it has to start with the people first. They have to change first. God cannot work through them untill their hearts are changed by him.

I feel so inspired by your lyrics. I have never been lucky enough to go to one of your concerts. Now, it is to late. You know I had prayed and prayed that I could meet you one day. I want you to know that I did/do not want anything from you I don't want your money, never did.Not even a free CD, or anything. I just wanted to give you a hug and say thank you for writing all the beautiful songs that you did. I believe when the right people see them God will use them to help carry out some good things in the world.

You have been blessed with a beautiful voice. I have often wondered why you never did a gospel album. With all the talent and ability you had you could have written some of the world's most beautiful gospel songs. Songs of praise to the creator who did create this planet that you love so much. Creation and God go hand in hand. The world would not have been created without him. Those trees you love were his idea. Smile
Had you released a Christian CD with songs of praise to God I think a good chunk of lost people who do not go to church or have no plans to, but who listen to your music would have been changed for the better. I wish you could still do one.

I feel like the movie "This is it" shows their is still hope. We still can have hope for things to change. We have to place our hope and trust in God, and allow him to work through man to change things. You have sung the song "Man in the mirror for years." Awesome message if only more people would put it into practice.Your songs have such life changing as well as world changing messages Michael. It is not enough to listen to your beautiful voice, we have to let the lyrics take hold and create a change within us.

MJ I so wish you were here. I want to talk with you so muich. I have so much good information and ideas to share with you. What can I do Michael, to join in your vision and quest to help you change things here in this world? Because time is runing out. This really is it. That is what the movie was all about. your vision to change the world. Change people. Give them hope, spread love, peace, and joy. You were showing us what could be in the future on that movie screen-- "Time like we've never seen before."

Love to you and God Bless,

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Post by MJonMyMind on Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:51 am

Im sure hes hearing you. What a beautiful letter you have written.

I agree with you about the doubles!!! Theres only 1 real MJ

And NO ONE will ever change that!!!!

Its just sad this has had to happen thats all For you michael jackson Icon_sunny

We need to always keep MJ close and follow his beliefs in a Better World
for our children and our Future!!!

You will never get better than that. For you michael jackson Icon_sunny
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