Copy of dragon: again, the photo and the ambulance thing, but check it (16.07.09)

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Copy of dragon: again, the photo and the ambulance thing, but check it (16.07.09) Empty Copy of dragon: again, the photo and the ambulance thing, but check it (16.07.09)

Post by GirlInTheMirror1 on Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:01 pm

In my german group,we arte not sure,if u observate this thing so much,as we did it today again.could not really find such a detailed post about it.

Its about the ambulance,and the only one picture with Michael in it,and how the photo must have been taken.

For better understanding we give numbers to the links for checking out.…..uXRaJFdmKU…..VR-HSc2aM4…..wFHEawTYiA

Number 1 is the video with the ambulance driving backwards

Please,take attention to the guy who stands next to the ambulance.

At 0:54 is it a guy in a red shirt

At 1.27 at the same place is it a guy in a yellow shirt.

At 3.08 is that guy with the yellow shirt not there anymore…

That is what we all already know,even you guys at deathhoax.

But NOW,that’s the point

Video nr. 2 is an interview with that bastard,whos is telling,that he and his friend went to jackos place as soon they got the hint..

But now,……

If he is the one in the red shirt,and the cam was recording non stop …whenwas the time,when the red shirt guy changed the place with the yellow shirt guy………….?????

Video nr. 3 is another video of this wacko…there he has an other camera position.

He shows the fire department car…which is at the footwalk.then he zoomed into the window,and by coincidence there is the monitor wit the emergency call????

Where we already have seen fotos…

If we think about it…

The only three evidences,that Michael wasn’t all right,the ambulane pic,the video anf the pic of the emergencycall, are all from just this group?????!!!!!?????

And after,they had everything,they thought: oh,ehm,no,we don’t need to drive behind them to the UCLA(maybe Michael could be there…)

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