Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
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Post by 4KB on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:24 am

This may mean nothing......and as the days go by, I think I am becoming even more obssessed with finding the truth. I have been googling everything I can possibly imagine. I am sure you are all feeling the same way.

I was looking at one of his performances from 1992 Dangerous Tour (that famous gold jumpsuit-kind of - thing over top of the black pants).....SO HOT. During the performance he is wearing the off-white jacket over top ..... take a look at this link.


I was then looking at footage from TII and he again is wearing the jacket. OK it may not be the same jacket but that was ALMOST 20 years ago....why would he put ont his jacket for a reahearsal? In the footage (he is wearing orange pants and also black jeans, I presume two different day).....both times he is wearing the jacket. My question is, WHY THE JACKET? Does anyone wear what they wore from almost 20 years ago? Again, it is a rehearsal, why would we wear this?


Is anyone really sure that this footage is current? I know, nobosy is sure of anything. I know people have commented about the hair going from curly to straight.....and let's face it, we have not seen MJ with curly hair for YEARS.....but in TII it seems to sport that look a great deal.
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