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Dame Elizabeth vs TINI

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Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Empty Dame Elizabeth vs TINI

Post by spider monkey Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:50 am

hi everyone,
just been thinking about their reactions to TII, which are poles apart. we all know the picture that TINI is trying to paint, but with Elizabeth's glowing praise of TII and of Kenny Ortega at her twitter page, it almost seems like she's telling us to dismiss what TINI is saying.

i'm not saying TINI is lying; it's just that they are mere fans, as opposed to "best friend," which Elizabeth is to Michael. so one would think she'd be the one to have access to the true picture. if she saw for herself what TINI said they saw, would she have allowed it to go on? wouldn't she have railroaded Michael into postponing the concerts until he was more physically fit - just like she did during the Dangerous Tour? perhaps she did Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Icon_lol maybe this accounts for her calm demeanor, her praise of TII in the midst of TINI shout-outs, and the absence of anything from her calling for justice "in the death of MJ even if only in relation to Murray's negligence and incompetence.

it's interesting that in another forum, someone said there was another group of girls who was seeing Michael in june, and they said he looked and was fine. they went to see him several times, talked to him, hugged him, followed him to rehearsals and even taped him singing. the only thing they didn't do was to camp outside his house. and they didn't see what TINI saw, that's why they were so shocked when they heard the news. i'm sure they'd say yes, he was thin, but they apparently didn't see him drugged up, weak and frail, which was TINI's observation.

so i don't know about TINI. are they in on it or were they used unwittingly because they were needed to play a role?

but they also said security was beefed up, and this makes sense to me as a believer. on the night of june 24, they said they saw as many as 12 bodyguards inside the gate. non-believers automatically conclude that the extra security was provided by AEG, as another means of control. maybe to make sure MJ does not go anywhere? but my thought is that Michael necessarily had to add another set of bodyguards in preparation for june 25 because for obvious reasons, he could not take along with him those who were seen in his company everyday. and then as we know, tippy alvarez also "disappeared" soon after june 25. his wife said he was so in shock he had to go and stay with friends for a while.

i will carry my strange thoughts further. what if both autopsy reports were released by Michael? what if the recent one was saying that after 4 months, he's now at 136 pounds from the previous, accurate 108? what if the sperm-producing ability was the funny detail meant to alert us that the report was bogus?

i may be losing my mind Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Icon_question so please be kind Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Icon_pale

i keep on hoping everyday, but i can't be 100% certain. i only have to recall Paris' tears at the memorial, and Jackie also trying so hard to fight back tears, and i get depressed again Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Kopfschuettel
spider monkey
spider monkey
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Dame Elizabeth vs TINI Empty Re: Dame Elizabeth vs TINI

Post by mjssoulmate Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:10 pm

Seems to me that Dame Elizabeth should be the one to know Michael's condition at the time, since he moved to LA to be close to her and in preparation for TII. According to Ben Evenstead, Michael went to see Liz two, three times a week. She should know. And yes, I think she would have interferred, if she had thought that he was not able to go through with 50 concerts. And maybe she did!
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