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Post by Emmie Lee on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:00 pm


The 33 Clues of This is It

Is not a secret that Michael Jackson thru the years in his music and his videos or images he include subliminal messages. This is it movie is not an exception. Before the fever of the This is It clues, I dedicated my website to decode all those Michael Jacksons clues or keys he ever use, Now I am trying to decode This is It (Movie), not looking for the clues of why he faked his death, I only want to show to the world the message include in this movie that I think is very important. This is my personal opinion:

This is it (Poster) made emphasis in the word Isis [1] related with that, the men or robot is broken in pieces and become Michael Jackson [2] and Michael performing Black or white and a cloud of air blowing. [3]

Those represent the Gnostic initiation that was usually done with air or breath and was called “pneumatic”. A pneumatic initiate came to understand their nature in impersonal terms and God not as a person on a cloud somewhere, but rather as the One. Duality begins to become understood and then transcended and all relationships with God begin to be brought into Oneness. God and the initiate become the mystery of God in love with itself. All is perfectly One. [3] In the ancient Gnostic mystery theatres of Egypt, the various parts of the body of the slain Osiris represented different aspects of reality that all had their roots in this One source. The parts of Osiris are recollected and put back together through the love of Isis. If God was One with creation, then the Pneumatic initiate in the Gnostic schools began the study of the arts and sciences in order to understand God and glorify Him [1] [2]

During the movie Michael express that all is for L.O.V.E. this is related with his philosophy. The word Philosophy came from the Greek word Philo= to love and Sophia= the goddess of wisdom. The Gnosis is a philosophy and you became one with God. Some people explain Gnosticism as a form of dualism in which there is a god of darkness and a god of light, others thinks is a single God which manifest itself in two forces, labeled spirit and matter, light and darkness, ying yang like Michael represents in metaphors Black and white[4] and Bad[5] The Gnostics believed that the world of Spirit is always subtly directing the word of matter in order that we as conscious beings, may grow and become more in line with the spiritual potential. The personal knowledge of God is The Light.[6] The Christians Gnostics believed the Jesus resurrection is a metaphor for an awakening to Gnosis. The problem is that usually the Greek word Anastasis is wrongly translated as Resurrection and the word more correctly means Awakening.

The fire represents the consciousness free to shine with the light of God. Christ said that those who came before him were baptized with water and air, but he came to baptize with fire. Fire represented the initiation into Gnosis, and in Freemasonry it is related to the third degree.[7] as Michael represent with the fire chase in the movie.

Some people believed Jesus dead and resurrection and Lazarus death was a symbolical death ritual/rite. They said Jesus took so long to go get Lazarus out of the cave he was symbolically buried in. To awake the initiated in Christian Gnostic, like Lazarus has to symbolically die. In this rite the false self or Eidolon had to symbolically die so that the new higher spiritual body sometimes called the Daemon could awaken. This is the Anastasis that usually translated as resurrection. This dual or twins are astrological represented in Geminis and in freemasonry with two pillars. If you see in the This is It Poster [8] Michael’s hands are like resting in two invisible walls or pillars.

If you pay attention to the song “Heal the world” [9]

We Shall See
In This Bliss
We Cannot Feel
Fear Or Dread
We Stop Existing And

Start Living

Is virtually impossible stop existing and start living, but not for Gnosis in the process of the symbolical death and Anastasis. When the initiated awake for the Gnosis will become a son of Light, represented in the movie by two chandeliers which it light are two woman, they became the light.[10]When the Movie This is it, begins a dancer said (He need something real to believe, and motivate him and This is it)[11] In the movie Kenny Ortega very excited called Michael “The Church”, then he said “The church of Rock and Roll” I think he want to said The Church of Gnosis.[12]Michael sang a fragment of “Speechless” Acapella I think that illustrated communion with God.[13]The sun at the horizon for me represents the same an awakening.

About the number 33

This woman Cassandra Gretchen talk about Michael: He said “don’t forget the number 33” [14] The number 33 represents a men with specials and sacred talents. The 33 also is related with the Alpha and Omega. This number is associated with The Sephiroth Tree or Tree of live;

The Tree has 22 lines connecting the 10 points=32 but one point is lost, this point represents the Gnosis. 33 components. The Tree represents a Heavenly man.

The Prophecy of the Seventh

The Seventh Angel Message
Some people said has to be the seventh son of a seven son, in others cultures the number change, for us The seven is a sacred number only his birth give him preeminence. This Legend although mentioned in specific detail through many books of the old and new testaments of the King James Version of the Bible, predates it, back to the dawn of time in all major philosophies and cultures of the world.

Today is born the Seventh One, born of a woman, the 'Seventh Son' and he in turn of a 'Seventh Son'....He has the power to heal, he has the gift of 'Second Sight' so it shall be written, so it shall be done....

Here the birth from an unbroken line, born the healer, the 'Seventh' his time. Unknowingly blessed as his life unfolds, slowly unveiling the power he holds.

Then they watch the progress he takes, the 'GOOD' and the 'EVIL' which path will he take.....Both of them trying to manipulate, the use of his powers before it's too late.....

The 'Seventh Son' is born the divine and chosen one, to become a Maker of Things' who has a 'special purpose in life' for the 'Lord of Hosts' to expose the EVIL and CORRUPTION of the World, but of who is CURSED by those SAME FORCES who would try to DESTROY him.....for he is the Trinity, the father, son & the holy spirit.....

Forward from Leslie Shepard's Encyclopedia of the Occult

Scriptural Clarifications & Ramnifications of the Seventh Son supporting the Legend from the King James Version of the Bible:

All the prophets of the Bible speak of him. I am the Branch, Isaiah 4:2, The Serpent, Isaiah 5:26, The Immanuel, Isaiah 7:14, The Root, Isaiah 11:10, The Holy One, Isaiah 12:6, The Voice, Isaiah 11:10, The Fiery Flying Serpent, Isaiah 14:29, The Lamb, Isaiah 16:1, The Stammerer, Isaiah 28:11, The king, Isaiah 32:1, The Righteous Man from the south, Isaiah 46:11, The Loved One, Isaiah 48:14, The Sharp Sword, Isaiah 49:2, The Learned, Isaiah 50:4, The Arm, Isaiah 51:9, The Servant, Isaiah 52:13, and David, Isaiah 55:3,4.....

We thinks there are a relationship between this prophecy, Michael the Archangel and the Seventh angel message

Behold I come like a thief in the night,( Like represented in Smooth criminal)[15] And I stand at the door and knock, and whosoever answers I shall enter and sup with thee, bind up and heal thy wounds and give thee knowledge from the tree of life. This Is It movie represents the Gnosis[16]

I have been rejected in the person of my prophets over and over.( In the song They don’t care about us[16] Michael talk about a prophecy that has to be fulfilled, and he appear with a large group of dancer like soldiers [17] God has appointed a complete creation of angels to assist him and placed them under his command. These angels are countless and no-one other than God knows their number) I have seven eyes and seven horns. My name is the word of God and I ride on a white horse {Rev 19:11}. And I am here on earth to give you the Seventh Angel's message {Rev. 10:7} this is represented with Michael’s message about the Earth [18] and the Earth song [19]

I want to invite you to my marriage supper. The invitation is in Psalm 45. Read it and confess that you do not know me... I am the word of God. The key of David is in my hand. I only can open up the prophecies of David and Solomon. I have ascended from the south with the seal of the living God.( If you see Michael Thriller performance in This is it, Michael ascend wearing a black Jacket with a Holy Cross in his back.[20]

I will reprove you for your world loveing, I will scold your daughters for their nakedness and pride that they parade in my father's house. And by my Angels I will strip them naked before all eyes because of their foolish pride....Read Isaiah 3:13-26, The young men will abuse my kindness, they will try and take my life, but I will arise and take theirs forevermore...

You can see that in the fusion of the Smooth criminal with Gilda [21] in Gilda are illustrated:

· Betray [22]

· A staged death [23]

· Illegal acts[24]

· Intent of murder [25]

· And a negotiation with the police[26]

All this attain to his life and the people around him

Your ministers will lament your foolishness, your lost flock will tear you too pieces. I am the word and you do not know me. I ride on a white horse and my name is secret. Psalm 45 is my invitation to you for extended mercy, I will visit you at your unholy feast...Isaiah 3:13, 12:6, Daniel 2:44 Hosea 2:21,2:5, 4:6, Joel 3:16, 17, Amos 1:2, 8:2, Obadiah 1:21, Habakkuk 3:13, Zephaniah 3:5, Zechariah 2:13, Malachi 1:11, 4:4,..........

This is it Poster [27] Said Michael Jackson as you’ve never seen him before, and I never see Michael preaching, Those messages directly and the message about love [28] o2 Conference “The last curtain call”[29] Did not sound like a comeback sounds like a Good bye, could be the symbolical death in Gnosis or The announce of the Last Prophecy( The seventh Angel prophecy) Michael post a warning about the end of the life like us know it, if we don’t fix the damage in four years. When he said “this is the moment” “This is it” [30] means the prophecy is fulfilled. The seconds of HIStory inside “They don’t care about us”. [31] Remember the lyric: Every soldier dies in his glory. In the movie they show an arc or something that look like the letter M at the Horizon[32] I don’t know if represent Michael or Masonic, The Gnosis influence the masons and many others religions around the world.( Remember Dr. Conrad Murray is a freemason) Possibly him knows about the Gnostic symbolical death rite. The Gnostics and the freemasons fest or celebrate June 24 this is an important date because fest St. John The Baptist that was the last time they saw Michael alive, and he came late to the rehearsal. Michael saying Goodbye and spreading blesses to all the people around him [33] Why say Good bye if is the beginning that was just a rehearsal maybe was the Goodbye of Eidolon.

In Michael Jackson’s This is It are a lot of clues not only 33, but I don’t know if this are the clues that you are looking for…
Is not new for me Michael made a Religious experience of all his concerts or shows

About Cassandra Gretchen- Sims

The woman who said Michael is alive and the movie has 33 clues, is curious that her name begins with the initials CG when the clues I’d found are all about the Christian Gnosis and The Sims is an American strategic life-simulation computer game .

Cassandra is a female name and it refers to the female prophet or prophetess. In the mythology of the Greeks, Cassandra meant a female who entangles men. She is also known as Alexandra. She was the daughter of the Queen Hecuba and the King Priam of Troy. She was the one who got the gift of Prophecy by Apollo. She was the love of Apollo and when he gifted her the Prophecy she refused to return to Apollo. Thereafter, Apollo cursed her to the extent that he said that nobody would ever believe the predictions that she makes. Cassandra also appears in the Book V as a sister of Troilus; a Protagonist in the book named Troilus and Criseyde by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Gretchen - Means Pearl
The Gnostics are dedicated to the search for Divine knowledge. This Divine knowledge, or Gnosis, is known in certain myths as the Pearl. Once we have found the Pearl, our minds will be open to understanding our true natures, the reality of this world, and our divine potential. The Pearl can also show us that change is possible and that we do not need to live in this world subject to negative forces but we can fill our lives with power and peace. Ultimately, the Pearl will open even more realms of knowledge and light beyond our imaginations.

As you see I don't know if is coincidence but I want to share with you what i found, and even the name of this woman is related with the Gnosis or Christian Gnosis.

The 33 is the age that Jesus supposedly dies. Why I said supposedly because the Gnosis believes it was a symbolical death. The number 33 represents the Alpha and Omega, the Alpha and The Omega are represented by the letters IAO . But the Gnostics and the scientist claims that Jesus did not die in the Holy Cross. In 1980 the archeologist found Jesus Tomb, all was revealed in a documentary in 2007.

They found the bodies of Jesus, Maria Magdalena and his son

We need to go back the last day Michael was in the rehearsal June 24,( when the Gnostics/fremasonry celebrate John the Baptist) the relation with IOA and the number 33

Some have speculated that the emphasis on John in Gnostic traditions is tied to the earlier Babylonian myths of Oannis, whose feast day was June 24th- like John the Baptist, and who was known in myth to anoint Priest Kings, have them don aprons, and teach them the arts and sciences needed for building civilization. According to this theory, Oannis became the Greek Ionanis, which became the Latin Johannis, which finally got abbreviated to John. For the Gnostics this name of John was important however because of the vowels in the name- composed of IOA. Many Gnostics referred to the name of God as IOA or IAO. These vowels were also emphasized in Hebrew words like Adonai- meaning “lord”. The Latin letters IOA were significant from a Gnostic and sacred geometry standpoint, as “I” represented a point extending itself, and therefore the “word” of creation. “O” represented the word extended through space to the point that it comes back in contact with itself, and it therefore represented the extension of the word in creation, or the Christos. “A” represented a triangle that forms as two dualities come in contact with themselves and therefore form a third point of manifestation, and it symbolized the Sophia, or reflection of the word in matter.

In the Gnostic text known as the Pistis Sophia, Jesus explains the mystery of the vowels IAO to his disciples thus: This is it interpretation: Iota, the Universe came out; Alpha, they will turn them; Omega, will become the completion of all completions.”

Note: The similarities between Pistis and This is it

About number 33

When I decide to post my website, about Michael Jackson’s code, I was afraid to reveal something that can affect his image, that’s why I never reveal anything about I think was his philosophy. But reading his reflection about “Two Birds” in Dancing the Dream, I think he wants the people know about his message. I think Michael Himself can explain it better than me. Please read the reflection below:

Two Birds
It's hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven't ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let's give them a clue:
Two birds sit in a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One's song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.
It's easy to guess which bird I am, but they'll never find you. Unless...
Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?
Oh, that is a day I hunger for!

Michael Jackson

There are 3 examples of 3 couples of birds

3 represent God 3 represent us

33 (he became the word of God)

Do you hear the voice of God in Michael’s song? I can hear it, And now Michael I can answer your question:
“This is the moment, THIS IS IT

With Love Your Friend,
Emmie Lee

To see the images visit www.michaeljacksonscode.webs.com
and Please excuse my English
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