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My story!! Kinda surprising in my opinion!! :)

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My story!! Kinda surprising in my opinion!! :) Empty My story!! Kinda surprising in my opinion!! :)

Post by MJsAngelEyes1987 on Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:06 pm

I know that in a way, this might seem a bit weird to post something like this, but I thought that I would anyway in case you could MAYBE see any sort of SLIGHT similarity @ all.
But anyways, a friend of mine had told me that he liked me, etc. & after a while, I started kinda falling for him, kinda like in the situation where Tatiana Thumbtzen fell for Michael.
But of course, what I think is the main similarity is that Michael & Tatiana never spoke again after 1991.
Reason that I bring this up, is because my (I guess so-called friend) & I haven't spoken in about a year because the last time he & I spoke was September of last year & it's been about a year & we have not spoken since then, although from what he had told me that we are still friends, although it seems that possibly, he prolly will never want to speak to me again, but I personally feel that my sort of story reminds me of Michael & Tatiana from when they never spoke after 1991.
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