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I thought that would mj children to school Jehovah

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I thought that would mj children to school Jehovah Empty I thought that would mj children to school Jehovah

Post by canette on Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:48 pm

Michael Jacksonretourdossier Michael JacksonActu (291) Photos and Videos (1232) People (1) Children of Michael Jackson goes well ... by Alexaaa on 20/11/2009 12:22
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. A close friend of the family of Jackson, Kathy Hilton, the three children of the king of pop is going well.

Already five months that Michael Jackson died, and after his latest documentary film "This is it," we can no longer speak of the king of pop. But how will his three children, Paris (11 years), Prince (12) and Blanket (7 years)? Kathy Hilton, a longtime friend of Jackson, tells us they are going well, and their grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has 79 years received their care, care of everything they live for this terrible loss painlessly as possible. Mother of another famous Paris Hilton, who talks about her sex-tape, we can really take its views into account, since it is not really a benchmark in education. Children do not attend school but were educated at home. Good idea after the anniversary, in view of present circumstances
Anyway, here's what Kathy Hilton people reported to journalists that it is therefore not Rebbie and Katherine Jackson, the student: "I love Ms. Jackson. Katherine is a rock. It's like the Jackson colony. All the aunts, uncles and children go there (in her editor's note). She plays Scrabble with them. She loves it. I think that's what keeps it so young. " At his age, difficult to keep bits of three children, but Kathy Hilton replied: "Oh, she has the energy necessary!". It also provides very well have been Michael Jackson: "It was much more normal than people think. Really. He loved fun. I spent time with him, made dinners. It was a great father. He has spent the last 14 years caring for her children. It was wonderful, kind, attentive and affectionate. He was there for others and this showed very generous with his time and money. " Decidedly, the Hilton will stop at nothing to speak of them. Capitalizing on the death of a loved one and grief of a family does not frighten them. Between the mother continues to relate his adventure with the king of pop, and Paris Hilton who preaches his first name as an example .... It's disgusting. What do you think?

I thought that would mj children to school Jehovah SKxl2PvOxfoJ
Les enfants de Michael Jackson vont bien
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