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The Clues I noticed

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The Clues I noticed Empty The Clues I noticed

Post by ~~Kristy~~ Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:51 am

Hello Everyone!!! Here are the clues I Noticed > Please no hateful comments please Sad

Clue 1: Everything on MJHD has good points http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/?page_id=464

2: In some of JonellStar's videos Did you notice how Latoya say to
everyone that Michael is watching everyone but doesn't say where and if
I'm correct when some one passes away aren't you suppose to say that if
Michael did 'passed away' don't you think she should of said LovED with
and ed not LoveS with an s she did say loveS not loveD

Clue 3: The story that Marlon told out of all stories he had to choose that one

4:Do you realize that everyone said in the past that Michael was not
that healthy but couple day before his 'death' they said he was great?

Clue 5: The Anbulance sp? was going way to slow and wasn't parked right

6: The Michael Jackson at the O2 did you see how that Michael when he
walked did a bounce and a swag?Since when does Michael do that?

Clue 7: Please take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wwkHmjQdMI

Clue 8: Lets go back to the Memorial the kids look so bored out of there minds

Clue 9: None of the family cried and if they did they were fake crying why do you think they were behind the sunglasses

Clue 10: Paris did not show a real tear Joe said that she was a good actress

11: The slip up that Dr Kline did when we was talking to Larry King he
said he was a good ACTOR but then he changed to Musician

12: Kenny O oh man he gave it away big time cause when he said We were
here alittle less then a week ago well would that mean that would be
from July 1st to the 7th?

Clue 13: The Hat man and the Women at
the memorial looked suspicious remember how everyone said that Michael
would not dress up as a women well if Michael didn't want to get
Noticed then he would dress up as anyone whether man or women.

Clue 14: The first song with the choir they sang Return of the King? Why would they sing that song?

Clue 15: The picture behind the family that is a big clue

16: Did you notice that at the memorial that Janet,Latoya,Jackie people
saying it was Jermaine but it was actually Jackie did you see then
laughing abit who laughs at a memorial?

Clue 17: Who the hell was Janet looking at she was ethier looking at the Transgender women or the hat guy

18: Michael said that he was against drugs and everyone said that he
was a vegitarian and he did yoga and meditation look at
jonellstar's vids they have really good points https://www.youtube.com/jonellstartv

Clue 19: All the odd Tweets that we all found those are clues there

Clue 20: Do you realize the media thinks we are so stupid that they will say anything to make us believe them? Yeah right we are not stupid

Clue 21: We know whats true and whats not

Clue 22: Look at all the lies that we have found

Clue 23: This so called Doctor that said Michael killed himself.Yeah ok We all know Michael would never ever do that to himself Michael is way to smart to do that

Clue 24: In an interview that Michael did with Martin Bashir Martin asked Michael if he would ever want to be buried Michael said no he wants to live Forever.

Clue 25: Look at all the interviews people close to Michael have said they said the most weirdest,strangest,oddest and stupid things

Clue 26: Don't you hate it when people know things more then you do? It makes you kind of whats the word I'm looking for? Cause we all know people close to Michael know the real deal then we do.

Clue 27: The body bag isn't the body bag suppose to be blue or black?

Clue 28: People are gonna say anything to make sure us true real fans will believe them.

Clue 29: Look at all the BS articles we found.They were so stupid

Clue 30: Jennifer Hudson she wore white to the Memorial aren't you suppose to wear Black to a memorial?

Thats what I have so far I will post more when I get them. Cause I am not giving up.I am not a quitter.
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The Clues I noticed Empty Re: The Clues I noticed

Post by Guest Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:07 pm

Very good indeed. I just have a few things. Dont worry its not bad.

Clue 27. About the bodybag, you are right, but they are also supposed to put the body in a Plastic body bag, not one out of fabric.

Clue 6. It was Michael at the 02, the way he walked seemed weird to me at first, but then I saw a video (cant remember wich one ofcause, cause im getting old) on youtube, from the trial. Michael is wearing a white suit, and he is walking all "macho" there aswell.
A walk can be like a fingerprint. Plus, I saw some of the pictures, from the 02, wich were lightnet, so you could see behind Michaels sunglasses, I have to say this.
No disguise fools me, with those eyes. You cant miss that, It was Michaels eyes

Clue 12. Kenny Ortega That was a HUGE mistake if you ask me. When he said "Michael was here with us, less than a week ago" Michael had been "dead" Two weeks at that time. Pricelss, just priceless

That was about it Smile You did a very good job

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The Clues I noticed Empty Re: The Clues I noticed

Post by ~~Kristy~~ Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:16 pm

Thank you Smile
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The Clues I noticed Empty Re: The Clues I noticed

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