Katherine Jackson Praises Vienna

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Katherine Jackson Praises Vienna Empty Katherine Jackson Praises Vienna

Post by ~~Kristy~~ on Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:54 pm

Hello everyone!!!! I found this on MJHD I thought to let you all read it Even though it was submitted Aug 24th.I'm so sorry for the extra writing I had alittle trouble.

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VIENNA – The King of Pop's mother said in a letter made public Monday that next month's global tribute for Michael Jackson in Vienna is “a wonderful idea” and an event that her son would have loved.
The Sept. 26 concert — being planned by Jackson's brother Jermaine —
will take place in front of a 17th-century palace in the Austrian
capital. The performers haven't been announced, but the event is
expected to draw thousands of people.
“An event of this dimension not only keeps Michael's spirit alive,
more than that: It gives millions of fans the opportunity to experience
his music and celebrate the life of my son,” Katherine Jackson wrote. “I am sure Michael would love it.”
The hand-signed letter is dated Thursday and was made public by the Austrian event promoters, World Awards Media GmbH.
Michael Jackson died aged 50 on June 25. Event promoter Georg Kindel
has said the tribute originally was planned for London's Wembley
Stadium on Aug. 29, which would have been Jackson's 51st birthday, but
that Jermaine Jackson decided instead on Vienna.
In the letter, Katherine Jackson said she immediately considered Jermaine's plan — announced several weeks after he visited Vienna to receive an award in his brother's honor — “a wonderful idea.”
“I fully support Jermaine's endeavors to spread Michael's important message of making a better world for us all,” she wrote.
Jermaine has said the Austrian capital was chosen as the venue because his brother “loved castles.”
Jackson's mother also reached
out to fans, saying she was “overwhelmed by the worldwide love and
support that my beloved son Michael has received over the past month.”

Last week, fans swamped the Web site offering tribute tickets.
1)Is this the correct tense?
2)Why is she “overwhelmed by
the worldwide love and support that my beloved son Michael has received
over the past month” if he has been dead for 2 months as of tomorrow (and receiving worldwide love and support since then)???????

Katherine said in the article that Michael would love it now wouldn't she have said Michael would of loved it?And Katherine also said that she is over whelmed of the support and love her beloved son is getting over the past month now. Why is she overwhelmed if Michael 'passed' 2 months ago?


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Katherine Jackson Praises Vienna Empty Re: Katherine Jackson Praises Vienna

Post by jflem18 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:07 am

oh, this is getting better & better by the minute. Wink Wink Surprised Very Happy Laughing
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