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Post by MJ_Fan_For_40_yrs on Sat Aug 29, 2009 1:57 pm

(Please....no judging...)
About a month ago I had an epiphany, a revelation. I posted it somewhere...on another site....I can't find it, of course!
Everything became clear to me.....I began feeling very hyper sensitive to everything, extremely aware......or else I was brainwashed! LOL

I realized, clear as DAY, that none of this is coincidental!!!!!!

Today I read someone's post re tweets on Michael's birthday.
They mention http://twitter.com/awkmd (Klein)

I click on the link. On Klein's Twitter page I scroll down and find this (Aug. 5th): "@KevinSpacey Just saw the Charlie's Angel Girl and we reminisced about Michael and the last time she saw him. She said to follow you. Arnie"

So I thought, hmmmm, that's strange....

Now we know that Farrah died the same day Michael did.... I was intrigued.

I click on "@KevinSpacey" on Klein's Twitter page.

On Kevin Spacey's page, he tweets: "Join me in welcoming The Prince's Trust to Twitter. Follow @PrinceTrust"

So, to me that again seemed odd, so I clicked on "@PrinceTrust"

On Prince Trust Twitter page, the tweet is (Aug. 28): "Have a wonderful and safe bank holiday"

(huh? That makes no sense...)

Anyway, I ignore that and click on the link to the Prince's Trust web site. (www.princes-trust.org.uk/)

The first screen that comes up says "Magic Presents Palace to Palace for Prince's Trust" "Find inspiration through the Trust's new book -- Inspired By Music"

This "Palace to Palace" "ride" starts on September 27th.

MAGIC and PALACE and PRINCE and INSPIRED BY MUSIC and PRINCE'S TRUST and September 27th --------------- these are all WORDS that stood out at me from the Prince's Trust site.


I feel Michael's "death" is MUCH BIGGER than what's on the surface.

Does anyone else see what I see? It's okay if no one does...because I know MY TRUTH. sunny

I do know that many people feel compelled, almost obsessed w/ finding the answers, the TRUTH...and won't stop until it's revealed....

I believe we've are all in search of the truth...that's why we've gathered here! There has GOT to be something underlying our NEED for the truth...we KNOW the TRUTH will SET US FREE.... but why are we so obsessed with debunking all the false accusations and outright lies about Michael? Why MICHAEL?? Why has HE touched SO MANY on a GLOBAL scale? Why is it that his "fans" don't waiver?? Why are we so DEVOTED??

I truly believe there is something HUGE on the horizon..... Very Happy

(.....thanks for not judging....just had to get it out of my head...) Very Happy
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